Swedish Actress Married a Homeless Man who Won her Heart

We can’t control whom we fall in love with!

Many songs, novels, and stories remind us of this fact; sometimes, you meet someone in life, and suddenly everything changes.

Who could have known that a well-educated Swedish actress would marry a dirty homeless, and alcoholic man?

Emmy Abrahamson fell in love with the least likely person anyone would have ever expected her to. Their love affair could have come straight from the story of Lady and the Tramp.

Emmy is a 41-year-old actress from Sweden who graduated from an acting school in London. She was at the top of her acting career before meeting Vic Kocula, some twelve years ago. He grew up in Toronto and belonged to an underprivileged family. His father was a bricklayer, and his mother was a cleaner.

Emmy, on the contrary, came from an academic background. Her father was a foreign affairs journalist.

While talking to The Sun, Vic said that he was 25 years old when he traveled through Europe, and at one point, he ran out of money. So, he started living on the streets and taking occasional cash-in-hand jobs. It was then that he started drinking and doing drugs.

They met in Amsterdam when Emmy was in a park waiting to meet a movie director one day. While reminiscing about their first encounter, Vic described, “There was this beautiful woman sitting there by herself, and she looked super-content, with a smile on her face. I just had to go and talk to her.”

He said that he wasn’t much of a catch at that time with his dirty fingernails, tied beard, and ragged clothes.

“When you’re homeless, your feet get minging. You’re not washing your socks, and you sleep in a park with wet shoes constantly on your feet.” He added.

Despite being a complete mess, he mustered up the courage and went to her. He said, “I sat down next to her on the bench and asked her if she had time.”

But to his surprise, he caught Emmy’s attention, and she seemed captivated by him. They talked and laughed for about ten minutes. According to Emmy, she was struck by his “beautiful brown eyes.”

He asked her to meet him on the same bench after six days, and she agreed to it.

Emmy told the outlet that she had just come out of a four-year-long relationship at that time. She said, “On the one hand, I was put off by his disheveled appearance. But something about him was so intriguing that I wanted to meet him again.”

They met again on the decided day. Emmy reached on time, but Vic came twenty minutes late. She shared that he was riding a child’s bike when she saw him. “I still wasn’t put off,” she said.

Later she wrote a novel about their love story in which she wrote, “I was really trying to fight it, but I was very attracted to him.”

They went on three more dates, and then Emmy returned to Vienna. She said she wasn’t sure if they would be able to meet again. Vic had no phone still she gave him her number.

Three weeks later, he called Emmy to tell her that he was in Austria to see her on her birthday. He said he greeted her with “I’m here.”

He said he got his priorities straight and decided to quit alcohol and everything that wasn’t good for them.

Two years later, they got married at Vienna’s grand Belvedere palace. He got himself enrolled in a university to become a mechanical engineer. HELL YES! After studying for five years, Vic became a mechanical engineer and learned Swedish. He said that Emmy him throughout this time, and he couldn’t do any of it without her support.

While he studied, Emmy quit acting and instead carried on as an author of young-adult fiction. The couple is happily living together with their two children in Sweden now.

Emmy believes she was just as lucky to meet Vic and says their fateful encounter was like winning the lottery. “He showed me you don’t need much to be content. And he makes me laugh every day.” She said.

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