Take Your Time Because Relationships That Start Fast, End Fast

You should never want to rush through anything that’s beautiful.

Relationships aren’t designed to be high-speed freeways. They aren’t supposed to be full sprints around the running track. Relationships aren’t supposed to be breaking the speed of sound. You should never have to rush through the various stages of a relationship. You shouldn’t have to pressure yourselves into being something that you’re not. Remember that relationships should be taken seriously. All couples will have to go at their own pace; and that pace doesn’t always have to be so fast. In fact, the best kinds of couples are those who know the value of taking things slow. They understand that the key to a long-term relationship is actually learning to savor every single phase of the relationship without wanting to fast-forward to anything.

Remember that when you fall in love with someone, it can be a sudden experience; wherein you just meet someone and you’re automatically smitten. You are taken aback by their charm, charisma, and demeanor. You know that you immediately have some kind of connection and you feel yourself falling so hard, and so fast the very first time you meet. But falling in love can also be a slow and gradual process; it can be you and a friend just having a perfectly platonic relationship without ever thinking about getting together. But then slowly, you start to develop some unfamiliar feelings for one another. You start being more comfortable with each other and you always love to spend all of your time together. And so slowly, your platonic feelings start developing into something more and voila: you start to fall in love. You make that transition from friends to lovers and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Now whether or not you fall in love fast or slow doesn’t really matter. Not one love is going to be better than the other. Love is love and it is always going to be beautiful regardless of the circumstances. But what really matters is the speed at which you act on your love. Whether or not you fall in love with one another quickly or slowly, you have to make sure that you don’t try to force yourselves through a relationship. Even if the both of you fell in love with one another rather quickly, it’s important to keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to really build a relationship together. You may have established a connection with one another in less time than it may have taken other people to do, but remember that building on that connection is an entirely different story. The best kind of love story is the one that is continually built and worked on every single day. It’s when couples don’t grow complacent and cocky. It’s when they understand that despite how much they love one another, there are still a lot of challenges that they are going to have to overcome as a couple. These relationships are the ones who are grounded in reality, and they understand what they need to do to make their love last.

Remember that love is a struggle, but it’s never something that you’re going to be able to force or power your way through. Navigating your way through the complex maze of love is going to require lots of patience, resilience, grace, and humility. You can’t just always be thinking about getting things done immediately. You can’t always just be thinking about jumping to the next steps in a relationship. You have to learn to really live in the moment. Yes, it’s always good to have an eye for the future; but that doesn’t mean that you should just want to skip through the present.

Know that every single day that you consciously decide to love your partner is a day that is going to be well spent. No things worth having in life ever come easy and that also applies to relationships. Sustaining a relationship isn’t going to be as easy as people originally think it would be. It takes a lot of dedication, patience, understanding, sensitivity, and commitment for two people to really stay in love together. And these are traits and principles that take lots of time to build on. You can’t really build trust with your partner in just a day. You can’t expect to build the kind of commitment that you need to sustain your relationship in just a week. These things take time; and it’s beautiful to watch as the both of you grow in your love for one another.

You should never want to rush through anything that’s beautiful. Make the most of it. Appreciate it the best way that you can. Savor every moment that you share with one another. Remember that relationships that start fast are those that end fast; but the ones that understand the value of taking it slow will likely be able to sustain their love.

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