“Tasteless” McDonald’s Billboard Next to Crematorium Replaced but Locals Say “It’s just as bad”

The McCrispy billboard that went viral for being put up next to the sign for Penmount crematorium has been replaced with a new ad. Still, the locals do not appreciate this move, saying, “It’s just as bad as the McDonald’s advertisement.”

The fast food chain agreed to take down its advertising billboard after putting it next to the sign for Penmount crematorium.

Some people found it ugly and demanded that McDonald’s remove the sign immediately, as it was inappropriate for the chain to erect opposite a crematory.

However, many other drivers found the coincidence “hilarious.”

As reported by CornwallLive“The sign, advertising the fast food chain’s McCrispy burger, is right next to a crematorium sign and has been placed on a bus stop directly opposite Penmount Crematorium on the road between Truro and Carland Cross.”

The advertisement put up next to a sign pointing towards the crematory was labeled as “ugly” by many online users.

“Although I can see the funny side, it is tasteless, and I’m sure some grieving family members won’t like to see it when visiting Penmount for the funeral and cremation of a loved one.” said a woman whose mother-in-law was cremated last year in the same establishment.

Speaking to the news outlet, one person said,

“I think how funny it is will probably depend on how long ago you followed the crematorium sign wearing a black tie.”

Many others called it hilarious, and instead of being angry about the poster, they enjoyed the blunder made by McDonald’s.

“Anyone who doesn’t find this funny are the same people that were taken into consideration when the Penmount Hotel in Newquay became Penberthy Care Home. It was thought some wouldn’t see the funny side of a building full of older folk sharing the same name as the corporation body furnace.”

While commenting on the fiasco, one person said, “Fell off the chair laughing.”

While some others said, “they’re lovin’ it.”

“No worse than our local council entertaining the idea of allowing a crematorium to be built next door to a retirement village,” one motorist added.

Although the sign was met with mixed reaction and not everyone hated it, McDonald’s has decided to take it down as soon as possible.

“We were unaware of the road sign in the vicinity of this bus stop. However, in light of the concerns raised by CornwallLive, we have asked for our advertisement to be removed,” a spokesperson from the fast food chain told CornwallLive.

The billboard now says, “Get your locals pass for 5” for the local art gallery.

The locals are now furious at the new sign for its absurdity. Again there’s nothing wrong with the advert itself. However, the problem is the same – it is next to the sign for the crematorium.

“It is however an advert for Tate St Ives, and not a regular pass to be cremated,” CornwallLive reported.

Looking at the new billboard, the motorists and passersby are again laughing at the dilemma of the situation.

“You couldn’t make this up,” one said.

“I don’t know what’s worse, this one of the first one,” a second commented.

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Source:  CornwallLive

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