Taylor Swift was Baffled When Trevor Noah Asked her Fans to Lower the Price of Eggs at the Grammys

The 65th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony took place on Sunday in Los Angeles.

All the big stars in Hollywood attended the award show, including Beyonce, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Lizo, Ben Affleck, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Sam Smith, Cardi B, and many other celebrities.

Following the event, many celebrities have been in the news – some for their facial expressions, others for their clueless remarks during the acceptance speeches, and even their jokes.

Taylor Swift is one of the many celebrities discussed by people and critics on the internet.

Swift, who wore a dazzling midnight blue ensemble to the award ceremony, won an award for Best Music Video for her song All Too Well: The Short Film.

One of the awkward moments during the show that went viral on social media was The Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah’s chat with the Love Story singer-songwriter.

During their conversation, Trevor mentioned the singer’s fans and praised them for dealing with the Ticketmaster fiasco – Taylor’s fans filed a lawsuit against the company for selling her concert tickets to bots and resellers.

“You have the best fans in the world,” he said. “What they did with Ticketmaster…is amazing. I’m just wondering once they’re done with this, can you get them to handle the price of eggs?”

Noah made the egg joke about the increase in egg prices across the US.

The cost of one dozen eggs went from $2 to $7 recently.

“There’s really nothing that they can’t accomplish,” Taylor replied after staring at him for a moment.

“They’ll get on it, just let them know what you need,” she said.

“Swifties: price of eggs, down. You go after those chickens,” said Trevor in response.

After he made the joke, the Anti-Hero singer looked confused as she rolled her eyes and took a sip of her drink.

Many people believed her deadpan expression was due to the very obvious reason – she just didn’t get the joke he just made.

“I mean, it’s one egg, Trevor. What could it cost, 10 dollars?” one fan wrote on Twitter, implying that she didn’t seem to care because she is a multi-millionaire.

“This woman doesn’t know the price of anything sir be for real,” another wrote.

“The face of a woman that knows nothing about the price of eggs,” a third fan wrote alongside a video of her reaction to Trevor’s joke.

“taylor swift being completely unaware of what trevor noah’s jokes about overpriced eggs and southwest airlines customer service helplines mean because inflation and public travel are completely lost on her,” someone commented.

“Taylor Swift is so out of touch, rich, and privileged she doesn’t even know that eggs are expensive now” bitch I’m 12k in debt and make 16.25 an hour and I didn’t know eggs were expensive until someone else told me,” added another.

A TikTok video made on her reaction also went viral on the platform.

“i also love how she is white girl wasted at the grammys i love her,” TikToker Ethan Howery wrote alongside his video in which he mimics the superstar’s reaction to the joke.

“Her next album is gonna have a line about how Joe cost more than the price of eggs,” one person commented on the viral clip.

“i was like she def does not know about this,” said another.

“Like this girl flies her private jet to the grocery store she’s not worried about the price of eggs,” a third commented.

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