Texas Mom Warned Parents to NOT let their Kids Watch Hocus Pocus 2

Recently a Texas mom caused controversy on Social media by warning parents not to let their kids watch Disney’s new Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus 2.

Jamie Gooch from Troy urged parents to stop their kids from watching the movie as it could ‘open the gates of hell into their homes.’

“A worst case scenario is: You unleash hell on your kids and in your home,” the 33-year-old told KWTX.

“It grieves me, the thought of exposing our kids to darkness.” 

 The mom-of-three said that her family has not celebrated Halloween in the last five years and intends to continue their practice in the future as well.

“After all, the whole movie is based on harvesting the purity of children’s souls so that witches may live on…What is happening when we watch these films? What are we subjecting our minds to? What are we welcoming into the homes of our families?” Gooch wrote on her Facebook.

“So before you hit play on the night of the premier of this movie, please ask yourself if not only your mind, but your children’s minds, are strong enough to ward off the hypnotization and bewitching trance that will be coming through your screen to aid the desensitization of the coming evil in this world,” she added. 

“Don’t fall victim to the schemes of hell.” 

While talking to KWTX, the Texas mom said that she used to celebrate Halloween before she started noticing its effects in her everyday life.

“Everybody thinks it’s fake and innocent, but they could be casting any type of spell that they want to, anything could be coming through that TV screen and into your home.”

The young mom added that she was a bit reluctant to publicly post her views about the movie. However, she thought it was the right thing to do and that every parent should take the necessary steps to keep their children safe. 

“I was a little bit scared when I hit ‘post’ because I was afraid of the reaction that I would get, but most of it was positive; a lot of people agreed with me.”

“It was wonderful in a sense that a lot of people agreed with me in that they already knew, there were some that didn’t understand, but it was welcomed: tell me your opinion I want to hear where you’re coming from, although it doesn’t change my convictions or what I choose to do with my family,” she said.

Gooch concluded her interview with the outlet by saying that she hopes more people understand her point of view, and it creates an impact.

“I hope I make a difference, but even if it’s in one person’s life…that’s all that matters. It doesn’t have to be transforming Hollywood. I don’t have to make a huge impact, just a small one, and I’d be happy and satisfied.”

Gooch’s take on the movie and Halloween received a mixed response on social media. Some parents agreed with her; however, many disagreed and called her crazy.

“As I leaned in closer to the Holy Spirit I started to see things differently. Halloween wasn’t just an innocent day anymore, but a very important day for Modern Witches and Satanic sacrifice,” Krista Mainard, a fellow mother wrote on her Facebook post.

“The innocent movie I once watched was not innocent anymore, as I remembered the entire emphasis of the movie was to take the souls of Children. What about my Children?” she added.

“A Texas mom claims letting your children watch the new Hocus Pocus 2 movie could open the gates of hell. Looking at gas, housing and grocery prices I gotta say , stepping through those gates might be a welcome vacation,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“Unbelievable Unfortunately, You won’t believe this! Inexplicable nonsense!” said another.

Hocus Pocus 2 is an American fantasy comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher and is a sequel to the original 1993 movie, Hocus Pocus. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Hannah Waddingham, Froy Gutierrez, and Doug Jones. 

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! Good for her and spreading the warning. I wish people weren’t so blind to the truth behind Halloween. We stopped doing Halloween when I was 7. And I’m very thankful for it!

  2. Ya’ll are insane. These are just movies. If you are teaching your children that movies are just “make-believe” then these movies will do no harm. I’m an 80’s baby and never believed movies or TV were real; my parents TAUGHT me proper respect for the imagination it takes to create the works of art. That’s a parents job, along with introducing age appropriate media. That’s not on the film maker’s task of duties. Let them make great movies & shows and let parents be parents.

  3. This is just a movie not a satanic plan to steal your children’s souls if you can’t understand it just literally a play then you need to see someone that can help you something could be very wrong not saying it is but atleast have it checked out Halloween is a time for kids to be kids and have fun wats next on your list Christmas is not Jesus Christ birthday ……come on people get it together Halloween was started by a lady years and years ago to keep kids from causing mischief around her home she start making costumes for all the kids and giving them candy to keep them from destroying her flower beds and yard I saw this on a TV show one day I will never believe Halloween 🎃is bad or will harm children and Hocus pocus is just a movie

  4. She’s crazy. It’s a kid friendly “scary” movie for the Halloween season. Witchcraft or the stuff that you see on tv or in movies is just special effects or “hocus pocus “ it doesn’t exist outside of the film industry.

  5. Recently saw the taped testimony of the young man who narrowly escaped Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. He said Dhamer repeatedly chanted along with one of the Exorcist sequel films,, becoming increasingly strange & murderous. He said, “His face changed…” Think what you will, I’ll keep my TV free of that stuff!

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