The 3 Worst Male Relationship Partner Based On Their Zodiac Signs

So where should she be looking for love?

It’s happened before. A woman meets a man. She develops an interest in him. He makes a move on her with all of his charm and his wit. She falls in love with him. And then they get together in a relationship. Ideally, things turn out happily ever after, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a woman ends up getting mistreated in a relationship. She ends up becoming a victim of abuse and manipulation. Sometimes, she gets cheated on and lied to. Sometimes, she gets left behind without any explanation or prior warning. She gets her heartbroken and no one ever wants to have to experience the dark perils of heartbreak. She tries to pick herself back up and lick her wounds, but the damage has been done.

No woman ever goes into a relationship thinking that things aren’t going to turn out for the best. She always carries with her the best of hopes. She always genuinely believes that everything is going to work out and that her man would never break her heart. She never thinks that she would end up becoming the victim of a terrible relationship partner, but still, it happens. A lot of women are strong enough to carry a relationship on their own for a temporary amount of time; maybe even just enough for a man to actually mature and grow into his role in the relationship. But there are just some men who aren’t going to grow into their designated roles and even strong women can only carry a relationship for too long. Relationships are always about partnerships.

It’s a dual effort. Any singular effort over a prolonged period of time is going to be futile and exhausting. It’s unsustainable. In order for a relationship to last, both man and woman must be totally in it. No exceptions. And for some ladies, it gets really tiring. It’s so exhausting having to constantly invest themselves in relationships that only end up in flames. It’s emotionally draining having to put up with men who just aren’t willing to put in the necessary effort and commitment to make a relationship last. It can even potentially damage a woman’s ego and sense of self-worth.

It could lead her to believe that she’s the problem and that she’s just not cut out for a life in love and romance. But that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case. Perhaps, she just has to consider the possibility that she is looking for love in all the wrong places and that’s why she always ends up coming up short.

So where should she be looking for love?Well, the Zodiac signs have the answer. The universe has a beautiful way of pointing us to the right direction when we don’t have the answer. And if we’re feeling particularly lost in the fields of love, we can always turn to the Zodiac signs for guidance. A lot of women have to take into consideration the fact that there are just going to be some men who aren’t cut out for relationships;

they make inherently terrible partners because of their personalities and it would be best to just avoid dating these kinds of men at all costs. Now of course, not to say that the male members of these Zodiac signs are never going to find love; it’s just that they have certain personality traits which make it very difficult to sustain an actual relationship with them.

So if you’re looking for the easiest and smoothest path to a happy ending in love, then maybe you shouldn’t be dating men with these Zodiac signs.

1. Pisces

A Pisces man is just practically the secret ingredient for a toxic relationship. He is the type of person who would never want to assume responsibility for any faults he might commit. He is overly emotional and he has a difficult time handling his feelings a lot of the time. He isn’t as emotionally mature as a lot of the other Zodiac signs and that’s why it’s very difficult having to sustain a relationship with him.

2. Virgo

A Virgo man is a walking temper tantrum. They are emotionally unstable and they have a very short fuse. Patience and understanding are always very important facets of any relationship and these are things that a Virgo man has very little of. They are perfectionists and they always want things done a certain way. And when they don’t get their way, they will lash out and cause fit.

3. Taurus

A Taurus male is the emotional opposite of the Pisces man. While a Pisces tends to be overly emotional, the Taurus tends to be very emotionally detached. The Taurus is always going to seem like a robot with the way they go about life. They are loyal to their partners in the relationship but their emotional unavailability is always going to be the biggest issue for them.

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  1. This can be applied to Moon, Rising signs as well and have an effect on them regardless the sun ☀️ sign… wondering cause my ex was a ♋️ ♌️ ♍️. short temper. Picky.

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