The 4 Basic Kinds of Relationship Patterns

Which one of these patterns are you in?

It’s not fair to generalize all relationships into very specific sets. We understand that not all relationships are created equal and that each relationship brings with it individually unique qualities. This is because human beings themselves are unique and are all unalike. They all bring a different flavor to the relationships that they are in with their traits, values, and emotional characteristics. That’s why there is a healthy abundance of relationship-types in the world.

That is also the reason why some relationships work extremely well with minimal effort; some relationships require lots of time, effort, and dedication to have a fighting chance; and some relationships are just so effortlessly off with no chemistry or chance for survival at all. We’ve all had our share of romantic experiences, whether our own or of those who are around us. We’ve seen what love looks like, and we’ve also bore witness to the kinds of relationships that just aren’t meant to be. So with these observations and opportunities for social study, then it can be fair to point out some basic patterns in these relationships.

From the studies of social scientists, they have gathered that most relationships fall into four basic types of patterns. It can be very interesting to study the rudimentary dynamics of relationships and how they espouse similar and different qualities with each other. What kind of relationships are the ones that are most likely to go all the way? What are the kinds of relationships that are most likely to fail? There is no way of knowing for sure, because it still primarily depends on the people involved.

However, it can be loads of fun to take an objective look at your relationship and try to analyze the nuances and the most specific details of it. Sometimes, a better analysis of your relationship grants you a fresher perspective on how the both of you react to one another. So what type of relationship pattern does your relationship fall under? Do you know your relationship well enough to be able to figure out your patterns as a couple? How well do you know the dynamics of your relationship? These are questions that you will be forced to answer by the end of the article. So without further ado, here are the 4 basic kinds of relationship patterns:

1. The drama-filled relationship.

These types of relationships are the ones with couples who really don’t shy away from theatrics and drama. They don’t necessarily go chasing after dramatic moments, but they always seem to find themselves in these emotionally heavy situations. It’s as if they’re the stars in some romantic comedy, and that can either be a good or bad thing. Drama can be a very polarizing aspect of any relationship. On one hand, drama can help build up passion, commitment, and intimacy with each other. On the other hand, drama can also be the source of irreparable damages. That’s why couples who happen to fall under this particular category have to be careful with their emotional escapades.

2. The conflicted relationship.

Of all the relationship types, this category has potential to be the grimmest of them all. Not to say that couples who fall under this category are destined to fail; it’s just they’re going to have to work as hard as other couples to keep their relationship afloat. Couples in conflicted relationships will have trouble with planning and commitment because of their many disagreements and unresolved issues. They rarely ever feel like it’s the appropriate time to move on to the next level in the relationship because there are some conflicts that need to be resolved between them. The best way for couples in conflicted relationships to find success is to always maintain a healthy balance of honesty and compassion for one another.– Continue reading on the next page

3. The socially-dependent relationship.

The socially-dependent relationship is surprisingly a very common type of relationship pattern. These are the couples who are dependent on the rumblings and opinions of their social circles when it comes to determining the direction that their relationship will take. Whether these opinions or suggestions come from friends or family, it doesn’t matter. These couples tend to look to the outside for advice and opinions about the dynamics of their relationships. They find it difficult to make decisions about their relationship without first consulting third parties. If these couples want to find eventual success, they need to be able to balance their introspective natures with their consultative tendencies.

4. The partner-centered relationship.

Out of all the relationship patterns, this is the most common type for the couples who eventually find success. When you’re in a partner-centered relationship, you consider your partnership as the most prominent and most important aspect of your relationship. No conflicts, third-party relations, or distractions matter when it comes to the dynamics of your relationship. You always focus on each other and you tend to shut everything else off.

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