The 4 Most Common Types Of Couples

What’s your type?

Studies have indeed shown that while all relationships are unique and special in their own ways, couples can typically be categorized into 4 very distinct types. And all of these types of couples carry significantly different chances at survival. So if you want to get a better idea at what kind of relationship you and your partner have, and what chances you have of actually going all the way, then maybe you should check this article out.

The study involved the analysis of almost 400 different relationships. And as mentioned, while most couples may carry very distinct and unique characteristics on their own, there are plenty of parallels and patterns that emerge which allow them to be categorized into a certain type. These are the 4 most common types of couples: the overly dramatic couple, the couple that’s always fighting, the social butterfly couple, and the couple that’s actually relationship-centric. Relationship experts and scientists conducted almost a year-long study on these couples; comprehensively tracking their journey in their relationships for 9 long months. They assessed the level of commitment and compatibility between these couples to help determine whether the relationships were actually built to last or not.

Here is a more in-depth review of the study conducted by those scientists about the different types of couples. See which category your relationship falls under and find out if you actually have what it takes to go all the way with your partner.

1. The Overly Dramatic Couple

Wherever this couple goes, there is always drama. Drama has its share of pros and cons to a relationship but for the most part, things don’t look to good for the overly dramatic couple. Yes. Drama has a way of making things exciting and exhilarating in the relationship. But drama is also incredibly intoxicating, irritating, and exhausting to deal with. 

The studies have shown that when a couple is overly dramatic, it is twice as likely for them to eventually break up because of the natural instability in the relationship brought about by all the drama. The commitment levels in an overly dramatic relationship also greatly depend on the kind of drama that the couple is being forced to deal with at any given moment. The sporadic levels of commitment and intimacy really make it difficult to develop any kind of consistency and structure in the relationship.

2. The Always Fighting Couple

At first glance, one would think that the couple that’s always fighting with one another is the one that is most likely to break up. But that’s not necessarily the case. A lot of times, it’s a very up and down experience for these couples. For one part, they have their conflicts and their disagreements which tends to drive them apart from one another. But when they manage to find some middle ground and make up with one another, they become stronger than ever before. While this doesn’t seem to be a sustainable way of going about a relationship, it’s not particularly as unhealthy as constantly inviting drama into their lives.

3. The Social Butterfly Couple

Then there are the couples who are practically partnering social butterflies. They are the ones who thrive on relationships outside of the relationship that they have. They are usually the ones who like to integrate themselves within multiple social circles. They are constantly surrounding themselves with people that they like to interact with. They are also very committed to their own relationships because they really get a kick out of social interaction in any shape or form. However, they often sacrifice intimacy in favor of being around others.

4. The Relationship-Centric Couple

When it comes to just long-lasting relationships, the couple that is very focused on the ins and outs of their romance is the one that usually finds success. These are the couples that are deeply devoted to the relationship and to one another. They are very committed to meeting the needs of their partner. They are also very open to communicating with one another regardless of the topic. They are always made to feel like they can be completely honest with one another just to cultivate an environment of openness and acceptance in the relationship.

So what type of couple do you and your partner most relate to? Ideally, you wouldn’t be one who is constantly getting caught up in drama. That’s the absolute worst case scenario for you because that most likely means an imminent demise in your relationship. You have to try to work your way to becoming a couple that is relationship-centric. You have to do your best to always stay committed to one another and to always be working for your love. You have to be able to block out all of the noise so that you can focus on yourselves and the relationship that you’re in.

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