The 4 Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship

These days, most relationships start off like a teenage sweet-dreamjust to end up like shriveled leaves. Someone leaves quickly; gets bored, moves on; finds love somewhere else or chases after materialism. Nothing lasts forever.

That doesn’t imply when it’s happening it should be devoid of conscious love. Human emotions are too weak a tool to be trusted, yet every once in a while two people right for each other do come along. They experience growth as individuals and as a couple. Here are 4 basic qualities representing what it means to be in a conscious, next-level love kind of relationship.

  1. The relationship’s ultimate outcome matters to both of you in terms of growth

Sometimes, either one or both the individuals involved in a relationship don’t see themselves enthusiastic at all towards what they will achieve at the end of the relationship, whether it’s actually going somewhere or just a waste of both their times. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about the relationship.

It also doesn’t mean you don’t fantasize what it’d be like to grow old with your partner. Modern relationships fail at letting a means for people to grow to their highest potential. This is because we try to act in a way to please others, try to mold our partner into our idea of perfection that we ultimately become puzzled at what we have become. We feel like the relationship is a cage keeping us trapped from growing as a person, when in truth we cage our own self.

This is one of the major reasons we have failed at keeping romantic love in our relationships these days. We need to grow and look forward to the outcome of our relationship because without growth, our soul like a rotting plant. Growth is vital to fulfilling our purpose in this life. So being in a conscious relationship demands both of you keep a clear head about where it’s going to end in the long run of things to come. It demands both of you to give value to grow as individual beings from the relationship. That way, a sense of purpose and a feeling of aliveness exists and so does love. – Continue reading on next page

  1. No one blames the other when things go wrong

Being in a conscious relationship means both of you are mindful of the fact that you’re entitled to your own mistakes; that wounds from the past might resurface, that nothing is going to go smoothly in the relationship and just because things go wrong doesn’t mean it’s all headed towards the downward spiral.

Conscious relationships work when both involved realize the past is there to learn from, that mistakes don’t define us entirely and so, couples having a conscious relationship don’t feel dejected or abandoned due to their partners but understand that it’s more so because of their own beliefs and so, they evolve those belief systems and become a become a new couple, one more surreal.

A conscious relationship, therefore, involves both the persons involves embracing the faults in their own patterning and belief systems rather than holding each other accountable for whatever goes wrong in the relationship. They can blame each all they want but they don’t, instead they take responsibility for their own beliefs and realize it’s okay to feel things immensely sometimes.

  1. There’s good communication between both of you

We fear telling the ones we loved our about our innermost selves, fearing they might change us or stop loving us. This is mostly what stifles relationships today. But conscious relationships involve both the persons involved laying their souls out to each other, being intimate about revealing deepest secrets and thoughts they harbor all the while knowing it might as well scare the other off but as long as they are being authentic, their partner will understand. In fact, they will help each other come to terms about those feelings and thoughts.

This kind of communication promotes emotional and mental growth at the highest levels. It enables both of you know each other at the root level, with a lot of trust and affection keeping you connected to each other all the while. Opening up like that takes guts. And being in a conscious relationship means you act up on those guts and pour yourself out to your partner with faith in them to listen to you and try to understand you.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. A conscious relationship is a place for practical love

Mostly couples see love as something to achieve all of a sudden, a road sign they’d expect to see any minute now and know which way to go all the while missing the point that the road they have been travelling is the one of love itself. They think they can direct the course of love but love directs the course of those it finds worthy.

A conscious couple therefore knows fully well that love is a practicality, not just some ideals; a practicality of support, patience, forgiveness and pure selflessness.

They are an embodiment of love itself. Being in a conscious relationship means you both understand that love is an exploration, a journey; and each time you come to a conflicting situation in the relationship, you think ˜what would love do in such a place?’ and the answer being different each time, the conscious couple realizes how much they can grow as individuals in ways they thought impossible before.

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