The 4 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Afraid Of Commitment

Are you afraid of committing?

Commitment. It’s an intimidating word. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with the idea of just outright committing themselves to something or to someone else for a prolonged period of time. And this is not a rare phenomenon. There is a substantial bulk of people who are deeply afraid of commitments to the point wherein getting into a relationship with these people might be almost impossible. A lot of us early on are discouraged by our elders and our parents from ever committing to anyone at a very young age. We were always taught that we shouldn’t jump into commitment right away because we are young and there are still lots to see and lots to do in this world; there are still so many people we have yet to meet and it would be foolish to rush into anything while young.

And here we are, fully grown. We’re adults. And these same elders and parents are ragging on us and asking us when we’re ever going to find ourselves in a serious relationship. They are worried that we are getting older and they wonder why we haven’t found ourselves a person to commit ourselves to yet. It’s funny how perspectives can change so drastically in just a few years. Everyone is different. We all have very unique and very distinct personalities that make all of us special that make all of our love stories special. Some of us find comfort in finding love and relationships fairly early on. A lot of us will take a lot more before we can ever be sure about committing ourselves to another person. What constitutes the differences in these personalities? How are our perspectives on love and commitment shaped as human beings?

When there are questions like these that are often very difficult to answer, the answers are likely to be found in the stars. We can always turn to the universe to provide us with the answers that we seek no matter how difficult they are. Sometimes, we have less control over our personalities than we actually believe. Sometimes, the universe lays out its plans and its blueprints and it’s merely up to us to follow them. For a lot of people who are wondering about why they can’t seem to commit, perhaps it’s a decision that was never up to you. Because you have to know that there are just some Zodiac signs that aren’t cut out for the whole commitment thing.

Maybe the universe designed you to be the type of person who just wanted to live a casual life of fun and adventure. Maybe your personality was meant to be one that thrives on being single, in surrounding yourself with different kinds of people without necessarily straining yourself with the stresses and pressures of commitment. You just have to be okay with the fact that not all people are meant to be in relationships and perhaps, you fall under that category as well.

But regardless, there are just some Zodiac signs that aren’t meant for commitment and you really have to do your best to avoid falling in love with them if you don’t want to get hurt. Their inability to really connect and commit to you will only lead to your heartbreak and disappointment. So you have to make sure to protect your heart and don’t fall for any of these Zodiac signs. Not to say that it’s virtually impossible for them to commit, it’s just that it’s highly unlikely for them to do so.

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

A Taurus takes a very nonchalant approach to relationships. They are known to be romantic procrastinators. They always see relationships as something that they can just put off until later. The Taurus thinks that they don’t have to commit themselves now because they can always do so in the future.

2. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The Virgo is a perfectionist. They have great attention to detail and because of this, they are often very difficult people to please. They have very high standards and they are easily disappointed. They get turned off by people too easily and that’s why they can’t bring themselves to commit to anyone.

3. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Even though the Libra is the sign that just hates the whole idea of solitude and being alone, they are also the sign that tends to stray away from commit. The reason for this is because they don’t want to commit to just about anyone. They are always looking to find the person who is absolutely perfect for them but it might be a little unrealistic.

4. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

A Sagittarius just hates being tied down to anything. They hate the feeling of not being free to do what they want or to go where they wish. They are the type of person that is always looking to rebel against what is expected of them. And they know that being committed to someone comes with very strict expectations.

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