The 5 Red Flags That Your Partner Will Never Be Able To Handle How Great You Are

Take these warnings seriously.

The best kindsof relationships in the world are those that work like a team. These are thekinds of couples who are always looking to prop their significant others up ona pedestal. They try to push each other to become better people. They supporteach other in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. They share eachother’s joys and struggles. They hold each other’s hands whenever the times geta little too tough to bear. They are honest with each other whenever there is aneed for it.

When you are ina healthy relationship with another person, you should never see it as acompetition. You have to be able to share all aspects of your life with thatperson. You have to feel happy for their successes and you have to feel sad fortheir shortcomings. You are in this thing together and you can’t afford to beselfish with your feelings. You have to be able to balance being your partner’sharshest critic and most ardent supporter. You have to be able to help eachother without totally babying one another. You have to be able to criticize oneanother without necessarily hurting each other’s feelings.

If you know thatyou have the potential to be a great individual, then you have to do everythingthat you can to maximize that potential. Your partner has to be understandingof your desire to achieve greatness. Your partner should not be serving as anadditional roadblock. You should never have to be put in a situation whereinyou are forced to choose between your dreams and your relationship. If youhappen to have the kind of partner who is always trying to pull you down, thenmaybe it’s best for you to rethink the entire relationship.

Is therelationship that you have really worth giving up your dreams for? Is yourpartner really the kind of person who is going to support you? Or will yourpartner just be additional dead weight for you? You have the potential toachieve great things and you have to know if your partner isn’t the kind ofperson who will push you on the path to success. Here are a few red flags thatyou partner is virtually incapable of accepting your desire to be great.

1. They are always treating your relationship as acompetition.

Whenever youmanage to find a semblance of accomplishment in your life, your partnerimmediately feels threatened. The best kinds of partners are those who will behappy for you. They will be very proud of your success and they will share inyour joys. The terrible partners are those who get jealous and who feel theneed to even the score. They treat your relationship like a competition whereinyou are both trying to outdo one another.

2. They will make you feel bad about your successes in life.

What is onecommon indicator that a person is jealous of another person? They will try tobring that other person down. If you happen to be on the road to greatness, youwill be garnering success left and right. However, the toxic kind of partner isa jealous one. That partner will try to downplay your capabilities and willguilt you into believing that you are selfish and narrow-minded. They aren’tfinding any success in their own life so they will try to bring you down too.

3. They will take a pessimistic outlook on your life’saspirations.

They have aloser’s mentality. The kind of partner who doesn’t think you can do it isreally bad company for you. This partner will tell you that you dream too bigand that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dreams. You will proveyour partner wrong time and time again but that still won’t be enough toconvince them. Their jealousy of you will blind them and will put lots ofhatred in their hearts.

4. They tell you that you are too difficult to handle all thetime.

They will tellyou that you are the difficult one in the relationship. They say this eventhough they don’t know about the kinds of difficulties that you are forced toface on a daily basis. They are the ones who are adding to your life’sdifficult moments and yet they still have the audacity to brand you as beingthe one who is making life difficult.

5. They feel the need to criticize you constantly to bringyou back down to earth.

They will try tomake you believe your own helplessness. They know that they don’t have thecapacities to get on your level and so they will try their best to bring youdown to theirs. They are insecure about their own status in life and so theywill try to deflect their insecurities unto you. They want you to adopt theirloser mentality.

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