The 5 Truths About Relationships That You Probably Don’t Know About

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There are just too many arrogant people in the world who think that they have everything figured out in life. They are so arrogant – they go into things without fully understanding them, and they end up destroying everything as a result of their ignorance.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t be the arrogant douche who goes into relationships thinking that you have everything figured out already. You should always be humble enough to acknowledge that you don’t know everything – that there is always room for growth in your life.

And if you’re reading this article, it’s a good sign. It shows that you are honest enough with yourself to admit that you don’t know everything about relationships and that you’re still willing to learn. It’s no secret that relationships are always so difficult and complicated. You aren’t always going to know what to do in specific situations with your partner.

And it’s always a high-pressure environment because even the simplest mistake could possibly break the back of your relationship; and so you want to make sure that you minimize your mistakes as possible. You always want to make sure that you are equipped with the right information to help you make the right decisions in your romantic life.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding relationships – and it really shows with the alarming rate of breakups and separations these days. There are just so many couples who jump into their relationships without laying the proper groundwork for it beforehand; or they go into their relationships with the wrong mindsets and expectations. And as a result, the relationship becomes dysfunctional and things will fall apart.

Granted, not all relationships are meant to be. And even if you go into relationships with healthy expectations and good intentions, it’s not going to be a sure thing. But at least you are already doing your part in minimizing the chances of your relationship falling apart.

So if you’re completely inexperienced in the field and you want to have healthy expectations going into your relationships, then this is the article for you. Here are 5 truths about relationships that you probably don’t know about (even though you probably should).

1. Passion is something that you always have to build on throughout the stretch of your relationship.

It’s very easy to find passion and excitement in the early parts of the relationship. This is the honeymoon phase. This is when everything just feels so new and exciting. This is the phase of the relationship where everything is just so fresh. All the experiences and sensations are really impactful because of how new everything is.

But then over time, the excitement is going to die down and the passion might go down right along with it. And that’s why it’s important for long-term couples to recognize that passion is constantly built and worked on throughout the duration of a relationship. It’s not something that can be left alone and taken for granted. It’s something that two people cultivate together always.

2. Just because you are like-minded doesn’t automatically make you more compatible as a couple.

Just because two people share similar philosophies and interests doesn’t mean that they are automatically compatible as a couple. There’s a reason why two people who make good friends still fail as a romantic couple. Romantic love isn’t just all about finding two people who are a lot alike.

3. The strongest couples are the ones who aren’t afraid of having fights.

A lot of people wrongly believe that the strongest and happiest couples are the ones that never fight. But that isn’t true. The strongest couples are the ones who aren’t afraid of having fights. They are so secure in their love for one another that they aren’t afraid of having a few disagreements here and there.

They know that they are mature enough to overcome any conflicts that they might have in their relationships. And they also know that they have the kind of love that is strong enough to pull them through whatever trials they face.

4. People in happy and healthy relationships still maintain a sense of individuality.

Just because two people get into a relationship together doesn’t mean that they cease being individuals – and that’s what the strongest kinds of relationships understand. They always make it a point to maintain their individual lives outside of the relationship because that’s the healthy thing to do.

5. The most stable relationships are also the most boring ones.

They’re boring in the sense that they rarely ever attract drama into their lives. These are the kinds of relationships that don’t have to go through much adversity because they are just so good at making things work. They are so good at making things function the way that they should.

These are the relationships that are almost like machines. And while these relationships may lack the thrill and excitement of others, they also don’t have to worry about destabilization and drama. These are the kinds of relationships that are just built to last. These are the relationships that are always consistent.

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