The 6 types of relationships: which one is yours?

Choose yours.

When we talk about “love” and “relationships”, we are talking about a whole different medium. Each one of us is different from the other, likewise, we have a lot of different kinds of relationships. It basically depends on how two people co-exist with each other and how they understand each other.

There are both good and bad types of relationships. You might have had a bad relationship in the past and you could be in a good relationship now, it’s all about the way we are with each other. In this article, I’m going to talk about the six most basic types of relationships, yours is also on the list. Let’s begin.

6. The “Growth” Relationship

This is one of the good kinds of relationships. This is when two people are so involved in each other that they start helping each other grow. By grow, I mean emotionally and mentally. Emotional growth is a huge part of our lives, we don’t move forward in the world without having emotional maturity, and “Growth Relationships” actually boost this a lot.

This is when the two of you take part in each other’s lives more than usual, when you help each other achieve your goals and reach a certain point in life. When you strengthen each other to be as strong as you wanted to be. When you motivate each other beyond any limits. If your relationship is this one, you’re a very lucky person, please take extra care of that relationship.

5. The “Comfortable Silence” Relationship

This is also one of the good kinds of relationships. This is when two people are so emotionally attached and comfortable with each other that they can sit in silence with one another without a worry in the world. Achieving “comfortable silence” is a very difficult task, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve.

Imagine you’re sitting with your partner, just sitting, not talking at all and just being there with each other, how do you feel about it? If you feel natural then you’re in a “Comfortable Silence Relationship” and I congratulate you on having one of the most emotionally stable relationships in the world.

4. The “Change” Relationship

This one doesn’t exactly fall in the category of bad relationships but it doesn’t fall in the good category either. The “Change Relationship” is all about achieving one specific goal; it could be either a very personal change that you want to achieve before you start going on in life or it could also be business-oriented. Most of the political relationships are “change relationships”.

These are sort of a “mutual-understanding relationship” where two people know that they don’t really plan on staying in each other’s lives but they are staying as long as it takes for a certain object to be obtained or achieved. These relationships often end with people slowly falling apart after the “change” has happened.

3. The “Experimentation” Relationship

Yes, you guessed it! This one is about experimenting with each other and it falls under the bad category because of its selfish nature. This relationship happens when one person decides to make it their goal to see someone become something.

For example; my ex wanted me to be a different person, a little too different than I wanted to be, so she hooked up with me to see if she could actually do it. She wanted to see if her experiment would be a success and she would change me into someone I would never want to be. Almost 98% of the time, these relationships fail pretty horribly and destructively.

2. The “Dragged” Relationship

This is one of the worst kinds of relationships. Judging by the name, these relationships are those which should have ended ages ago but are still being dragged on until they can’t be dragged anymore. This happens usually after a very bad breakup and making up with each other after a few months of the break up.

The pain and sorrow of the breakup is too much to handle but the two people still try giving it another shot which leads them to develop a lot of negativity and anger against one another, hence they are staying with each other for reasons they themselves don’t even know, they just are.

They know they’re not good for each other, they know they have more fights than the average couple, they know that they are miserable by the day but they still keep holding on. The holding on part is usually over social reasons, and that’s what makes it that much excruciating.

1. The “Competition” Relationship

This is definitively THE worst kind of relationships. When two people are in love, they do their best to help each other grow, to see each other smile, to not let each other be sad. They focus all of their energy and strength on their partners and they are always there for one another. In a “Competition Relationship”, both partners are competitive in nature, and they even tend to compete against one another.

A friend of mine (who is now divorced) was married and her relationship was competitive. Her husband used to fight her based on work goals, life challenges etc. They used to try their best to beat each other in every little thing, and that is insanely unhealthy. If you’re in one of these, please do yourselves a favour and free yourself!

Which one are you?

So, which relationship type are you and why? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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