The 8 Biggest Reasons Why Millennials Are Unfaithful In Relationships

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These days, it seems like it’s so easy to classify people in relationships into two distinct categories: those who cheat, and those who don’t. The ones who cheat; the ones who are unfaithful in their relationships are the really tricky the ones. They are the ones who make things more complicated than they really have to be. They are the ones who make people hesitant to commit and fall in love because they bring so much pain, disappointment, and heartache with their unfaithful ways. They are the ones who bring so much destruction to something so beautiful something called love.

Why would they do it? What motivates these cheaters to do what they do? Why is it they just can’t keep their hands to themselves? Why can’t they just be loyal in their relationships to their partners? That’s the most difficult part of getting cheated on. It’s the uncertainty. It’s the inability to rationalize the actions of your partner who supposedly loved you in ways that you could never imagine. You might even succumb to thinking that it was your fault that they cheated. Instead of playing the victim, you will see yourself as the problem even though you aren’t. That’s what’s wrong with that situation.

You have to consider the idea that the reason your millennial partner cheated on you might not necessarily have anything to do with you. There are a myriad of possible reasons as to why young people these days cheat on their partners. If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of millennials and how they make their decisions with regards to their relationships, then you have to read this article in its entirety. Here are the 8 biggest reasons why millennials are unfaithful in their relationships.

1. They don’t find the interdependence that they are looking for in your relationship.

Not a lot of people know this but most millennials these days are always going to be looking for a sense of interdependence in their relationships. Interdependence is a mutual feeling of reliance and dependence with another person in a relationship. If they start to feel like their relationship is incapable of giving them the sense of interdependence that they need, then they will resort to cheating as a form of self-sabotage.

2. They heavily lean towards activities and relationships that excite them.

Whenever a relationship gets a little too steady, that may not necessarily be a good thing. Remember that millennials are constantly looking for thrills and things that excite them. When they find that a relationship becomes too easy and stagnant, they might start seeking excitement elsewhere.

3. You could have a declining sex life.

Sex is always an important aspect of a millennial relationship. A lot of what goes on in the bedroom is a direct indication of what the relationship is like as a whole. That’s why if a millennial feels that they have a deteriorating sex life, they seek sexual pleasures from another source.

4. There is a lack of meaningful and substantial communication in the relationship.

Aside from the physical intimacy and connection that is built with sex in a relationship, a millennial will also want to build on their emotional connections with their partners. That can only come with good communication. If a millennial starts to feel like they don’t have the proper outlets of communication in a relationship, they will want to lash out.

5. They fear that long-term commitments deprive them of other opportunities.

There’s no question that millennials are just very selfish nowadays. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s good that these younglings are very driven and are very focused on making the most out of their lives. And sometimes, their zeal for pursuing success for themselves can result in their unwillingness to partake in commitments with others.

6. They know that it’s easy to find love after a loss.

As harsh and as ruthless as it may sound, a lot of millennials don’t fear the repercussions of cheating because they know that even if they wreck their current relationship, they won’t have a problem getting into another relationship right after.

7. They better understand whenever they get stuck in a toxic relationship.

A lot of millennials are considered to be more woke nowadays. That means that they have better self-awareness and they know whenever they are stuck in toxic relationships. Once they realize that their relationship probably has no bright future, they would have no problems being unfaithful at all.

8. They unexpectedly meet someone else who just tickles their loins.

Not many people go into relationships with a plan to cheat on their partners. A lot of the time, it just happens. They meet someone who sparks a fire in them that no one else ever could. The whirlwind of emotions clouds their judgment and so they resort to being unfaithful to their loyal partners.

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