The 8 Most Common Things That Happy Couples Talk About In Relationships

These are the habits of a happy and successful couple.

No relationship could possibly survive on just small talk. Conversation and communication are very important aspects of any relationship. However, couples can’t merely settle on shallow and trivial points of conversation. They must always be willing to engage each other in complex and meaningful discussions as well. They have to be able to go beyond trivial matters if they really want to know more about one another. Sure, it’s fine to talk about the weather or the latest gossip once in a while, but that is not what should be fueling your conversations as a couple.

The best and strongest kinds of relationships are always built on strong and healthy communication. That’s why the best kinds of couples never have a problem opening up to one another. They know that they are in relationships that are strong and mature enough to allow them to discuss difficult topics no matter how challenging they can be. You have to be able to discuss the things that really matter in life and even though it can be uncomfortable to do so, it’s absolutely necessary in any relationship. Here are some of the common topics that the strongest and happiest relationships tend to revert to every so often.

1. Embarrassing memories and moments in life.

You have to be able to laugh at your most embarrassing memories in life. You can look back and reminisce on those moments with your partner often. This is important because it gives your partner a glimpse into what life was like for you in the past. This way, your partner will better understand how the moments of your life have helped shape the person you are now. It’s also a sign that you are willing to allow yourself to be ashamed and vulnerable with your partner.

2. Political convictions and philosophies.

Politics can cause division, that’s true. But if your relationship really is strong enough, then political differences shouldn’t really worry you. Think of political discourse as a form of intellectual exercise. It’s also a great way to gauge where your partner stands morally and ethically. You don’t necessarily have to agree with each other to get along. You just have to be able to organize your conflicting opinions in a way that promotes healthy discussion in the relationship.

3. Greatest phobias and insecurities.

You should always be willing to discuss your deepest fears and insecurities with your partner. Having a romantic partner means having that one person you can fall back on when you feel down and weak. That’s why you have to let your partner know of your deepest weaknesses and vulnerabilities. You must always create a safe space for each other to feel strong and comfortable.

4. Personal history.

Discuss your childhood memories with your partner. Tell your partner about all the hardships and challenges that you have had to go through in life. Talk about all the good times and fondest moments you have shared with family and friends in the past. Give your partner a look into your life. It will let your partner feel safer and more secure about the person that he/she is in a relationship with.

5. Romantic history.

Now this can be a very tricky and complicated subject. A lot of people will put off having this discussion until they are very deep into the relationship and that might be some good advice to follow. You don’t want to be bringing up the subject of your exes very early on in a relationship. However, when you get deeper into your relationship, you should be comfortable with discussing these things with each other.

6. Family relations.

Eventually, the deeper you get into the relationship, you are going to have to introduce one another to each other’s families. That’s just a typical stage that any long-term relationship is going to have to go through. But even before you get to that point, you must already be giving your partner an idea of what your family is like. You must already be painting a picture for your partner of what kind of household you grew up in whether it was a good experience or not.

7. Entertainment media.

Not everything always has to be heavy and serious when it comes to your conversations. You can still talk about light topics while still making sure that your discussions are meaningful. For example, you can talk about your favorite movies or books with one another. You can give your partner a more in-depth view of your personality when you reveal all the media that you like to consume regularly. You can tell a lot about a person by their taste in music, movies, or books.

8. Plans for the future.

Lastly, you have to be willing to talk about the future when you’re in a relationship. You can’t merely resort to just living in the present. If you want a sustainable relationship, you have to be able to look beyond what you have today. You have to have eyes toward the future and you will have to plan accordingly.

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