The Barbie Movie Is Empowering Women to End Relationships

The new Barbie movie has attracted a massive audience, with fans eagerly sharing their thoughts on the film. Many have praised its feminist values and the empowering message it delivers about strong, independent women. The movie’s positive portrayal of female empowerment has resonated with audiences, making it a hit among viewers of all ages.

The film’s inspiring themes have sparked discussions on social media, spreading its message even further. The movie carries an essential message for women, encouraging them to empower themselves and recognize their true worth, refusing to let any man undermine their value.

It’s been over two weeks since the “Barbie” movie came out, and many women are talking about it on social media. They say the film made them think a lot about their relationships. It’s earned a massive amount of money, over $775 million worldwide, showing how much people liked it.

Inspired by the movie, a woman took to Reddit’s AITA platform and shared that she broke up with her boyfriend after watching the film.

“Three days ago my bf and i went to go see the barbie movie. i’ve been really excited as i’m a huge greta gerwig fan and my bf liked ryan renolds. other than him being in the movie, my bf didn’t know anything else about it. i on the other hand was aware of its feminist themes and was secretly hoping my bf would get the message. over the duration of the movie i could tell he was getting more and more uncomfortable/upset and i was getting really sad (both from the movie and his reaction) and i knew we would end up having a conversation about it afterwards,” she wrote.

The woman explained that her boyfriend did not like the movie and told her that he was offended by its message.

“he was really offended by the movie and said that it was the kind of thing i should have watched with my girlfriends and not him. i understood where he was coming from but i’m not going to even start explaining why i disagreed,” she added. “we have been having problems with his weird comments about women, the lgbtq community, and other stuff. i was tired of having to always deal with his attitude and disrespect and was also maybe on this girl-power high. so i told him it was over.”

The woman further added that her now ex-boyfriend had been living with her for the last six months as he was in between serving jobs.

“Since he was my freaking boyfriend i let him move in with me 6 months ago. Living with him is a whole other story but i couldn’t take it anymore and had him leave my apartment the next day. i stayed at my friend’s house while he packed up his stuff. He said he understood and that he “didn’t want to live with me another second anyways.””

She continued, “I assumed he had a place to go but apparently he didn’t. his brother called me a few hours ago saying he’s MIA. his friends are blowing up my phone saying the same thing. i feel like this is all my fault. no one has heard from him in 24 hours. i did think it was weird when i came home and all the food in the fridge was gone, all the batteries in our electronics drawer were gone, he took my phone charger, and half the blankets. i know now he did not in fact have anywhere to go (or a car. he had been using mine since his engine busted last month).”

The woman concluded her post by saying that she still has his location and he is two states away.

“i don’t know how he got there. i can’t believe this is all because of the freaking barbie movie,” she concluded.

“It’s kind of funny that he couldn’t handle a movie with female empowerment themes, despite currently relying on the support of an empowered woman. Something something have your cake and eat it too?,” one person wrote in the comment section.

“Think Mattel also made him super close minded? Personally, I don’t think you ever need to justify your choice breaking up with someone, but If anyone ever needed a reason, you have them.” Another said.

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