The Best Kind Of Love Is The One That Takes You By Surprise

The most fulfilling and meaningful relationships are the ones that creep up behind you and attack your feelings when you least expect it.

A lot of us are always going to expect a lot from love. And it’s not entirely our fault. We have very romanticized ideas of love because of everything that we read about in those romance novels. We think that we deserve fairy-tale endings because of all those movies that Hollywood keeps on churning out. We see all of the couples around us as we grow up. We see our parents. We see our friends. We see the relationships that they get into and the ones that they fall out of. And from these romantic encounters, we think that we get a fairly good idea of what love looks like and what it’s supposed to look like. We think that when love comes our way when it’s our time, we will be able to acknowledge it right away – we believe we would be able to pluck it out from a haystack.

And not to say that this won’t be true for some people. This can be applicable to a great number of people. Love is never definitive anyway. It’s different for every single one of us and that’s why it can get very difficult to explain. It’s such a volatile and dynamic emotion; it would be a sin just attaching a single definition to it.

But what a lot of us have to realize is that the love that we usually grow to expect for ourselves is rarely ever the kind of love that really comes to us. It’s just the way it works. And you are going to be thankful for that. Because what you have to know about love is this the best kind of love is the one that takes you by surprise.

The most fulfilling and meaningful relationships are the ones that creep up behind you and attack your feelings when you least expect it. These are the relationships that you don’t get a chance to plan or prepare for. These are the relationships that hit you like a sucker punch. You are just going about your life the way that you do. You mind your own business. You aren’t necessarily looking or fighting for a love. And then, like magic, someone pops out of nowhere into your life and suddenly, everything changes. This is a person you never would have expected to affect you the way that they do. They put you in a position that you’re completely unfamiliar with but also comfortable being in. You never asked to be put here but still, you find yourself in this position and you have to make the most of it.

Everything is just so weird and new to you. The butterflies in your tummy are flapping their wings with an intensity that you have never experienced for yourself before. Again, you’ve read about these butterflies in your little romance books but you never thought that they would have this kind of effect on you. You can’t rationalize it. You can’t put your feelings into words. You can’t fully grasp the gravity of your emotions. You know that it’s there; pulling you down to the earth and you’re helpless to stop it. It’s a natural force that you can’t fight nor would you ever want to.

And the thing about these surprising kinds of love they are always going to keep on surprising you. They are the ones that will bring something new to the table every single day. They are the kinds of love that always offer something fresh so that everything will always feel so new and exhilarating no matter how deep you get into the relationship. And sometimes, this kind of love can be volatile, uncomfortable, and inconvenient, but for the most part, it’s a good thing. It’s a disruption to the boring rhythm of life but it’s a welcome disruption. The best kind of love that is continuously evolving. It’s not the one that comes the way that you expect and remains the same throughout time. No. The best kind of love is dynamic. It’s always growing and developing into something better. It’s the kind of love that forces you to stay on your toes. It’s the kind of love that makes you feel both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It’s the kind of love that really forces you to engage yourself to commit yourself. It’s the kind of love that pushes and encourages you to be a better person always.

The best kind of love is the one that takes you by surprise. It’s the one that you don’t see coming. The best kind of love is the one that comes like an unexpected guest in the night but it’s a welcome surprise. It’s the surprise you never knew you wanted. It’s the love you never thought you needed.

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