The Difference Between The Douchebag And The Good Guy

Hint – go for the good guy.

The douchebag is the guy who is going to be able to woo you because he will manage to set himself apart from everyone else. He is going to have a certain charm and charisma about him that is going to make it fairly difficult for you to resist. He is going to be good at maintaining contact, and his body language is always going to make you feel like he’s a very receptive and genuinely great person overall. 

The douchebag is the guy who is going to take you out on really fun and amazing dates. He is going to offer to take care of the check. He is going to act like a perfect gentleman by offering you a chair, holding the door open for you, and never checking his phone in the middle of a conversation with you. Just assume that he’s going to do all of the right things and say all of the right things.

He is going to be uttering all of the sweetest words to you. He will be making you feel like you’re the only girl in the world. He will make you actually believe in just how amazing you are as a person. He is going to be able to wear you down with his advances and you won’t have much control over your feelings anymore. He knows just how to make you weak in the knees for him and you will be completely helpless. You will be smitten.

Because of how well he plays the game, you are going to develop a deep sense of trust for the douchebag. You are going to want to be with him at all hours of the day. You are never going to get enough of him. You will want him at your side all the time. And he’s going to give you everything that you desire for the early parts. He’s going to make you the happiest girl in the world.

He’s going to make you actually believe that what you have is something that is worth holding on to. He is going to make you think that you’ve finally found the love that you think you deserve. He is going to make you wonder about just how lucky you got by landing a guy like him; how your life now is a far cry from the life you have always known.

But then he is going to stop doing all those things that make you happy. He is going to stop being the man that you fell in love with. This is a sure thing. That’s what all douchebags are known to do.

The douchebag is going to lure you in and then leave you in the hole that you ended up digging for yourself. He is going to have his fun with you and move on regardless if you’re ready or not. He’s going to play by his own rules and he won’t care about your feelings. He was only ever really thinking about himself in true douchebag fashion.

But the good guy is actually going to be different in his approach. You won’t notice him at first because he won’t be as aggressive as the douchebag. He may even seem kind of shy. He will not want to make you feel uncomfortable by rushing into things. He is going to want to move at a pace that you are comfortable with; and sometimes, that can mean that he might be a little boring.

You won’t understand him right away because his approach is different. You don’t know if he’s serious about his feelings for you because of his timidity and shyness. But that’s just the thing, you’re both trying to navigate your ways through one another. You’re taking your time with your baby steps and that’s a true indicator for real love.

He is going to be as patient as possible with you. He knows just how much the douchebag hurt you and he doesn’t want to add to your pain or anxiety. He is going to take care of you and help you become whole again. He is going to want to help fix the pieces that were broken when the douchebag chose to leave you. And that’s the main difference between the douchebags and the good guys.

The douchebags will only want to have their fun with you and they’ll leave once their done. But the good guys are purely interested in your life. They are in it for the long haul. They truly care about your well-being and your state of happiness.

So while it can be hard to resist the douchebag at first, always make sure that you end up falling in love with the good guy. The good guy is the one who is going to make you realize that love really is worth it.

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