The Failed Struggle of Keeping Your Sh*t Together As An Adult

Being an adult is hard work.

Have you ever tried to live a healthy life and do all the perfect things and failed terribly? If your answer is yes then congratulations, you are just like your fellow humans who make a resolution every year only to do the same things they did last year. You are normal. You are not the that girl or guy you saw running on the footpath with their abs and sweaty, fit body and you are nothing like their even fitter gym partners who set their diet to match their workout routine because you are you, busy trying to take the first hard step towards getting your shit together. Whether it is being a responsible adult or a good son/daughter, you always seem to be messing things up.

You are allotted in that species which tries every day to be a little strict with their habits and fail doing so every day. You are the admirer who sits on a bench in the park watching healthy people run by to motivate yourself; you are that person who pants their lungs out only running a mile and decides to take a week-long break before doing it again. Whoever you are and whatever you are not, you are great at giving yourself some good, convincing excuses, aren’t you?

You are a self-loving creature who loves itself by treating itself with food and everything nice because life is so short and there is so much to eat. You are a believer of Treat your body like an amusement park and not a temple. You tell yourself you are going to do laundry today and tomorrow and every other day to not have it piled up on that chair but, wait, resting is so much better.

You Struggle But It Is Just So Hard

More people stop working out and following a balanced diet than people who actually go to the gym, eat healthy and get enough sleep. Why is that? The most common answer we get is It is just so hard. It is, indeed, a task that requires great self-control and constant motivation. It takes a big heart to look away from a juicy cheese-dripping burger and eat your boring salad and it takes an even bigger heart to say no to your evil friends who keep asking if you want a bite. Most of us fall for the devil’s move and give up. And if we don’t give up, we cheat enough to disrupt the whole month’s effort at once. That, in fact, is the most common way of giving up. And as far as other adult responsibilities are concerned, Mr. Procrastination knocks on your door too often and stays in your apartment for longer than he should in a responsible adult’s apartment.

You try more than often to get your shit together but everything keeps falling apart. This is how the process of falling apart follows:

  1. You resolved to eat healthy and go to the gym, bought gym gear and finished all the chocolates in your fridge to start fresh next week. One day or one week, at the most, at the gym and your bones scream at you to stop the atrocity and stay at home and you do so. Why? Because it is just so hard.
  2. You start cleaning your apartment and an hour later, you find yourself sitting in front of a carton of old pictures which is probably going to stay there until the next time you decide to clean your apartment.
  3. You start saving up money for a rainy day but oh boy, those boots behind the store window stole your heart AND your money. Farewell to saving.
  4. You sleep early at night and wake up early, and that is an achievement. But how do you spoil it? You spoil it by taking a nap the next day and staying up the next night. One nap and viola! Your sleep routine is ruined!
  5. You bought a new book to read because everyone keeps telling you how good is book reading. You read the content page and counted the pages before starting a movie, and that’s all you ever did to the book.
  6. You have been saying no to alcohol all week and bam! One night out and it all goes to waste.
  7. Even if you did everything adult-ly and stayed healthy all month, you felt like you deserved a break so you sat on that couch in the morning watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all day while eating pizza and every other junk meal that you so strongly ignored all month and stood back up at night from the couch. Yayy, you! Way to go!

You can’t help but chuckle when a teenager says they can’t wait to be an adult because it is so much fun because you have seen the dark side and you know how messy adulthood, or at least your adulthood, is. You wish you could just go back to living with your parents where everything wasn’t so hard. But now that you HAVE grown up, you have got to deal with and you know it.

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