The Gift of Christmas (A wonderful story)

I was working a late night shift, we were going to close for Christmas at a local restaurant, the night was murky and had a mysterious feel to it. The restaurant was almost empty and we were just about to close when I heard a baby crying. I looked around but couldn’t find anyone. Then I realized that the voice was coming from under one of the tables. I was startled to such an extent that I decided to flee the scene. Who in the right state of mind would leave an infant behind? The baby could have been starved to death or worse, died of cold. ‘Extra, extra, today’s special: baby dies under the table at a local restaurant’ were the words ringing in my ears and to avoid a life full of regret, I gathered all of my courage and looked under the table.

The structure I found from under the table was so small; it was a dot of a baby. I was overwhelmed by anger and sadness, I reached out my hand and hugged the little creature. I don’t think I had ever felt such a rush of emotion before. I felt noble. I felt that God himself had summoned me and handed me this responsibility.

Did I mention I am married and my wife cannot bear a child? So I took the baby home and handed the wee little thing over to my wife. She looked at me in shock as I had always opposed adoption, I always thought that we were enough for each other. I had this feeling, this rush, this emotion, I felt responsible for this baby in every way. God had filled my heart with love and I couldn’t help it. My wife fell to her feet and wept. She cried her heart out, she didn’t say a word.

I never thought that a little creature would make me feel so attached, to God and my wife in an instant. Both of us remained quiet that night. You know there are times when you just choose to remain quiet and you partner understands you no matter what because you have a connection. That was what we shared that night; words weren’t enough to explain what we felt. The moments of silence we shared that night said everything that we wanted to say but without sound. We hugged one another and sat in front of the fire place looking at this miracle of life. He was special a gift from God Himself. His laughter has filled every missing space in our heart. He is the embodiment of purity. Aren’t all babies a little bit of heaven on earth with the innocence they bring to us?

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