The girl who is always single won’t be easy to love

A girl who has always been on her own and has no emotional or intimate affiliations will definitely give you a challenging time.

A girl who has always been on her own and has no emotional or intimate affiliations will definitely give you a challenging time. And there is no doubt about it.

Just like other girls she won’t be easily readable at first. She’ll be really uncertain about everything and especially you. Don’t get upset by it, all you have to do is to stay persistent and bear with her for your own good.

There are a lot of things going on in her mind, these things will make her unpredictable and weird. For instance, on some days she will be all over your inbox with long conversations and on other days you will not get to hear anything from her. There would be days when all she wants would be a hug from you and then there will also come the days when she wouldn’t even let you poke her. Her endless worries will keep her preoccupied most of the time. But don’t worry in the beginning she will keep you out of all these happenings but she will get fine eventually.

She has always been on her own and because of this she will at times fail to recognize your support but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. It’s just her previous single-hoodВ incorporated in her personality that’s causing this quandary.

She knows really well what it feels like when someone you regard a lot turns his back on you. She knows what is feels like when the most valuable people leave you and walk out of your life. She knows the pain of being left alone and being betrayed. But she wants to allow herself to open up about things with you, to share things with you and talk about things that are important to her but a part of her will make her question your credibility. She will evaluate you and think about the chances and scenarios that can make you leave her. It’s not that she is insecure she just doesn’t want to go through all the wrong things happened in the past. The experiences are traumatic and she clearly wants to avoid them. В Don’t worry; she will take her time and open up to you. Be patient because she is worth it and all good things come to those who wait patiently and optimistically. – Continue reading on the next page

Loving a girl who has always been single is no less than a challenge. She is a girl who has built protective walls around her. These walls are high and very strong. You have to be incredibly warm and compassionate towards her to make your path out of these walls and conquer her. Through her experiences she is sure of the fact the every other love leaves; at the end of the day it has to be you who has to be there to save yourself.

She has mastered the art of living on her own. She will not ask anyone to make coffee for her when she is in a dire need of it, she will not request anyone to do the laundry for her, and she will never ask anyone for emotional support during the schmaltzy calamity. She has always been self sufficient. But wait! Did you notice the spark when she gets to see you? Her lovely smile and the glow on her face?

Despite of all the disappointments and shattered hopes she has started thinking about you and it scares her that she is slowly and gently falling for you. It scares her that how beautifully you have turned her world upside down. В She knows the art of picking the broken pieces of her heart and composing herself all over again to face the world. She knows how to deal with broken heart, lost hope and shattered trust but she doesn’t know what she is going to do if you ever tend to leave. The thought of you leaving her drives her insane.В – Continue reading on the next page

Despite of being so reserved and distant she still wants you to be around her. She wants you as her companion. She wants to experience the feeling of being wanted and loved again but she is unsure and has concerns about her fragile heart. She doesn’t want this heartache to be the part of her anymore. Trust us, all you need is a little more time, make her believe in love, fix her broken heart and rebuild her trust. She will love you patiently and passionately with her heart and soul.

Talk to her about life, universe, nature and her favorite comic magazine; ask her why Pablo Neruda is her favorite poet and why she thinks Shakespeare is the coolest chap in the history of literature. . Talk about why she loves dark bitter coffee and takes long walks along the beach alone. Talk to her about her greatest fears and the wildest things she has ever done, talk to her about the happy times and her childhood memories and the people who broke her heart.

The ice will melt and her heart and soul will accept you and love you for loving her. She might be hard to get at first but once you’ll get to know her she will be your drug and your oxygen. Trust us, she’s worth it. All of your efforts and struggles will pay and this girl will be yours because amazing things happen to those who are persistent.

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