The Key To A Healthy Relationship Is A Lot Of Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships need a lot of practice to be perfected, many of us lose ourselves while we try to hold on to the people who consider us an option, it’s your life and you can walk out whenever you want to. Most of us don’t realise how tasty a candy is until we have consumed it. Once it is gone, we have nothing left but sweet memories. If you have been a jerk in your relationship, maybe you will realise it when the person is gone. Remember, if you breakup with a person that you thought wasn’t a perfect match, and end up missing them months after the separation, it means that maybe; you were the one at fault. It was that person who was the perfect one for you after all. The world doesn’t end when a relationship ends. There are many flavours of candy out in the market. It’s up to you which one to choose now. Unhealthy relationships have a lot to offer.

1. They teach you to value yourself and existence

When you finally gather up the courage to break through, you will realise that losing a person that brought no honour to your relationship is a gain, not a loss. You will finally learn to value who you are and will stop objectifying yourself for things you weren’t responsible for.

I have always seen this happen, the moment they see us happy and moving on with life, they want us back. They have had this idea that the reason we put up with their bullshit was because we couldn’t find someone better than them or we would be miserable without them. They have this sick twisted impression of you, that you will not go anywhere. When they finally find out how wrong they were and the reason you hung around was love. The moment they realise this, they want you back. Now, you need to respect yourself enough to keep moving on because your respect is everything to you!

2. You love better

Once you have been broken, you’ll kind of shut yourself from love for a while. When you will finally be mentally prepared to date again, it will be different. You will be more open and will love better because you know how it feels to be hurt and under no circumstance will you put people under similar circumstances.

Listen; if you end up treating people in an unjust manner because you were not treated right, you need to go see a therapist, counsellor or a psychologist. Maltreating other people because you were not treated in the right manner is just plain wrong.

3. Honesty

You become honest about relationships and how you feel; you will not torture yourself by raising your expectations again and again. You will be upfront with what you want out of your relationship. It would be a "take it or leave it" situation. You are not going to prolong things to make them worse. Your honesty will give you the strength to move on.

4. You will handle situations well

Whenever you feel that you are being taken for granted, you will put your foot down and set things straight. You would know better and speak up for yourself when the time comes. You will not be settling for less and making the most of the relationship you have!

5. You can get over it again

If you can do it once, you can surely do it again. We don’t get physically bound or stuck to spend our lives with a person. If you were supposed to be with a single person for the rest of your lives, nature wouldn’t have created us as two different individuals, man and woman. We would have been just one submerged creature. We are not physically bound, we are separate people and we can part ways of we want to.

6. You will spot the early signs

You will spot early signs of a bad relationship in the dating phase ,this will help you to identify the jerks from the good. You will eliminate the chance of heartbreak before anything serious happens.

7. You can handle life

Once you have handled a bad relationship and breakup, you can pretty much handle anything. You can love your family, children and friends far better. Once you are over it, you are stronger and more confident than ever before!

8. You throw the junk out

Once you have hit rock bottom, you know who your true friends are and who are the ones that don’t give a damn. You throw the trash out and live a happy and content life. You don’t need people who are not there when you need them the most.

9. You become more realistic

I am a dreamer, but once you have been let down, you know that life isn’t about all fun and games, it’s different. Life will put you through the thoughts of situations but you have to swim out of the storm yourself.

A breakup isn’t always easy but nothing is impossible either, getting out of a bad relationship will turn your life around for good and you will become the person you always envied!

Talk to me

Have you recently come out of a bad breakup? Has it changed you in any positive way yet or are you still in the "moving on" phase? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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