The Kind Of Man You Should Be With Based On Your Birth Month

Any December men in the house?

1. January

You need to be with a man whose pace is able to match your own. You are always living life on the fast lane. You have no patience for slow or weak people who are going to keep you from reaching your destination. You have plenty of things that you want to get done in your life and you don’t want a relationship to get in your way.

2. February

You really need to wait for the man who is going to learn to be patient with you. You know that you are difficult to deal with because people have told you this time and time again. So you have to be with a man who really wants to understand you someone who wouldn’t be irritated by all of your little quirks and your stubbornness.

3. March

You are a deeply caring, loving, nurturing, and thoughtful individual. You are always living a life of others. You always like to be in service of the people around you. That’s why you should be with the kind of man who would care for you just as much as you do for other people. You have spent so much time and energy taking care of others. You need a man who is going to start taking care of you.

4. April

You are a strong and independent woman. You have a relentless personality and you are very unforgiving about it. You are also incredibly honest which can tend to rub people the wrong way sometimes. That’s why you need a man who really understands and appreciates why you are the way that you are. You need the kind of guy who pushes you to be who you are; someone who doesn’t try to censor or suppress you.

5. May

You are also known to live life in the fast lane. You are always jumping around from one party to the next. You like to socialize and so you are constantly surrounding yourself with people. You also have a tendency to dabble in a lot of different projects sometimes even more than you can handle. You need a man who is able to match that energy and intensity that you bring.

6. June

You are always attracting yourself to the broken man. The reason why you haven’t been successful in the past is because you always go for the men who are damaged; the ones who need fixing. You need to be with the kind of man who has his life put together. You don’t always have to go around trying to fix people.

7. July

You need to be with the kind of man who just encourages you to be yourself. Everywhere you turn, you have people telling you that you need to change your ways. There are always people who are telling you to stop being so boisterous and loud. But you need a man who actually pushes you to go for the spotlight; to achieve everything that you set out to achieve.

8. August

You really need to be with a man who is going to tell you the truth even when the truth is hurtful or inconvenient. You are a natural-born leader. You have an authority about you that draws people to you. But sometimes, you can get a little full of yourself and you need to be with someone who can bring you back down to earth.

9. September

You need to be with the kind of guy who actually encourages you to pursue your passion for wisdom and knowledge. You shouldn’t have to waste your time with someone who gets easily intimidated by your intelligence or your driven nature. You need to be with a man who is secure enough with himself to actually support you with your dreams.

10. October

You are a very amiable and like able human being but that’s no secret. You are genuinely thoughtful and kind. You sincerely care for others a whole lot and it really shows. But sometimes, you leave yourself open to abuse and manipulation. That’s why you need to be with the kind of man who would never take you for granted.

11. November

You are a bit of an acquired taste. You already know that most people have a difficult time trying to understand you and the way that your mind works in general. That’s why you need to be with the kind of man who would never get tired of trying to make you feel understood. You need to be with someone who listens to you and hears out everything that you have to say.

12. December

You are known to have quite a bubbly and happy personality already and you need to be with a man who nurtures that facet of your life. You need to be with the kind of man who encourages you to have fun; the man who is constantly bringing a sense of peace and positivity to your life.

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