The Most Common Alibis That Cheaters Are Using To See Their Loves This Holiday Season

It’s practically common knowledge at this point that most people cheat during Christmas parties or other holiday gatherings. We also know that a lot of people like to engage in what is referred to as “revenge cheating” in various relationships. But here’s an interesting statistic that you might want to know about.

It comes from a dating website that’s specifically designed for cheaters and it’s called Victoria Milan. They claim that a significant number of their members and users are going to meet with their sexual partners over the course of the holiday season.

Around 9,571 respondents (both male and female) confirmed that 76% of men who are cheating on their girls are going to meet their mistresses during the Christmas season. And 56% of those men are going to spend more on the gifts for their mistresses than their actual wives.

And that’s a really awful thing to behold but it’s not really all that much different on the women’s side either. Women don’t have such drastic statistics but it’s still a very alarming number. 30% of the women who were surveyed by Victoria Milan also said that they were planning to meet their side-partners over the holiday.

They claimed that they had been spending a lot of time on the men they’re in real relationships with but they craved for sex from the men they were having affairs with.

So, if you’re currently in a relationship, how likely is it that your partner is going to run off to a secret lover on the side during this holiday season while you’re distracted?

It turns out that 32% of women engaged in affairs actually said they use Christmas shopping as an alibi to get away for a bit. And 33% of men actually use the excuse of meeting up with old friends to sneak away.

Have you ever wondered why people cheat on their partners in the first place? Well, the users of the dating site were also questioned on this front. Here are 5 of the most common reasons that people said which drove them to cheat on their partners:

  1. I get so tired and bored because I spend way too much time with my partner.
  2. My partner really stresses me out and irritates me to the core.
  3. I’m craving for good sex and my partner just can’t give it to me.
  4. I get really bored of being around my family.
  5. I’m just looking for something exciting.

There are other reasons, of course, that people typically use as excuses to get away from their spouses. For instance, some men might say that they have some work commitments that they need to attend to. Some women might say that they need to go to the gym to shed off those holiday pounds.

These are all some very believable alibis because it’s things that normal people typically do in a relationship. But if you’re genuinely interested in finding out what the most common alibis that these cheaters are using for the holidays, then here they are:

  1. I have to do some last-minute Christmas shopping for the people I’ve forgotten.
  2. I need to attend to some important stuff at the office before I go on break.
  3. I have to go and meet old friends to celebrate the holidays with them.
  4. There’s a company Christmas dinner that I need to attend.

Okay, even though these are some very common alibis, that shouldn’t mean that you have free reign to just pounce on your partner if they tell you that they have to attend the office Christmas party.

They aren’t necessarily going to be lying. You should just really pay attention to your instincts. Learn to trust your intuition.

And if something sketchy is going on or if there are certain things that just don’t add up, then maybe that would be the best time for you to act. Maybe you might spot a fancy gift in your partner’s closet that you never ended up receiving, then perhaps that would be a serious cause for concern on your part.

The users of the site were also asked on why they even bother to purchase Christmas presents for their partners if they’re just betraying them anyway.

It turns out that a lot of them feel guilty – as has been confirmed by 20% of men and 12% of women. Others say that they do it as a way of keeping the peace in the relationship because they know that their partners are aware of their infidelity as well. Infidelity is always going to be a slippery slope in any kind of relationship.

Some people are able to make it work after a case of cheating whereas some others fail and crumble. It all really depends on the personalities that are involved.

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