The Most Important One-Liners for Any Relationship

Which one of these one-liners is your favorite?

Yes we know. Relationships are so much more than cheesy one-liners. Relationships are very deep social institutions that require a lot of commitment and dedication to work. You can’t get into a successful relationship without making the effort to actually be an effective communicator, partner, and support system. You need to be able to give just as much love as you want to receive, and you have to be willing to make a few compromises every now and then.

However, it’s also important to note that the communication aspect of the relationship is very important, and often undervalued. The best kinds of partners are those who are able to communicate well and express their emotions in an articulate manner. Even uttering these occasional one-liners may help spark some passion in your relationship.

Here are some of the most important one-liners that should be said to any relationship:

1. Learn to appreciate the love that is given for you. Love can be one of the most powerful instruments for individual success. You can only go as far as the people around you are willing to push.

2. Having a passionate and active sex life is wonderful for relationships but sex can only take relationships so far. Build your relationship on simple displays of intimacy, whether physical or emotional. Whisper sweet-nothings to each other, hold hands while walking, kiss each other in public.

3. If your partner is special to you, make sure they know it by actually making the effort to make them feel special. Be spontaneous and creative in expressing your love and care.

4. Expect the rough times to come. It won’t always be smooth-sailing, but if you love each other enough, you can always work through any problems that may arise.

5. Express your love for each other as often as possible. Reassure each other of your love and commitment. Never waste an opportunity to say I love you.

6. Gratitude is difficult to express accurately, but you should always make an effort to do so often. Let your partner know how grateful you are to be in a relationship with him/her.

7. Be each other’s sources of strength during times of weakness.

8. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. The most important thoughts about your relationship are those that you carry. You can shut out the outside world and face your trials together as a couple.

9. Be open to each other. Be absolutely honest to one another and know that no secrets can ever exist between the two of you.

10. Believe in the strength of your love and its ability to withstand tough trials.

11. Make sure that your partner knows you are always open to a conversation at any time of the day. Your lines of communication should always be open to one another.

12. Nicknames are a great way to express endearment towards each other.В В – Continue reading on the next page

13. Grow with each other, but also recognize you sometimes need space from each other to grow as individuals.

14. Do activities with each other that scare you. Go on an adventure and be spontaneous. Challenge yourselves and draw strength from each other.

15. Winning an argument is not always the priority. It’s okay to let some battles go for the sake of your relationship.

16. Forgiveness is key in relationships. You’re both imperfect beings who are bound to make mistakes. When it does happen, understand that you are both vulnerable and that forgiveness is the only way to move forward together in love.

17. Don’t limit yourselves to small talk. Talk about the biggest things in life and challenge each other intellectually.

18. Fights don’t mean you’re a bad couple. Getting through fights means that your relationship is strong enough to withstand any harmful conflict.

19. Practice empathy and learn to be in touch with each other’s emotions. Know each other’s needs throughout particular stretches in life. Celebrate each other’s happiness and mourn each other’s sadness.

20. People change over time whether gradually or instantly. It’s only natural for your relationship to change in the process. You can always evolve as a couple and that won’t necessarily be a bad thing.

21. Be an open book. It’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve when you’re together. Allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable every once in a while.

22. Go on vacations together.

23. When you’re engaged in deep conversations, remember that listening is more important than talking. Always make sure that you’re paying attention and you’re listening to your partner. Absorb their thoughts and their feelings as if they’re your own.

24. Stop setting such high expectations for each other and acknowledge that there are limits to your relationship. Your relationship may be an imperfect one but it’s yours, and you should own up to it and make it work the best way that you possibly can.

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