The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Someone Is The Gift Of Your Time And Attention

Throughout the time that we’ve been together, I always used to ask you to give me flowers and chocolates. I was hoping that you would be the type of guy who would just come home one day with flowers in hand for no specific reason other than to just make me happy.

I was always hoping that you would surprise me with your sweet and romantic gestures every once in a while. I always wanted you to just give me random gifts; out of the blue. They didn’t’ have to be expensive. I just wanted them to be meaningful. I wanted them to come from the heart. But no, you didn’t really give me any random gifts or presents.

I always wanted to engage in random PDA on you when we were out together. I always wanted to be expressing my affections for you regardless of whether there were other people around or not. I just wanted to kiss and hug you at every opportunity that I got. I also wanted to tell you that I loved you whenever I could, and I yearned for you to say those same words back to me. I just wanted you to tell me that you loved me as well. But nope, I didn’t get any of those things. I didn’t get all that I wanted from you.

But here we are years later. We’re still together and I’m still madly in love with you. You never really gave me any flowers that I was hoping you would give me. You never really gave me the random gifts and presents that I always grew to expect from you. You never really gave me random trinkets that show your love and appreciation for me. And I, later on, realized that that was okay; because you never failed to give me something that was much more valuable than any bouquet or present could ever be.

You always gave me your time – even when I didn’t deserve it; even when I didn’t ask for it. You gave me something that was far more precious than any flower in the world. You gave me something irreplaceable. You gave me something invaluable. You gave me something that money can’t buy. A bouquet of flowers would have wilted and died after a matter of days, but your time is something that I am always going to treasure.

You were never fond of surprises and so you never really made an effort to surprise me at all. Nope. You never gave me surprises. Why? Because you always gave me stability. You always gave me predictability. You were never one who was out of the blue because you were always reliable. You were the kind of guy who always showed up when I expected you to. I was never surprised because you never gave me any reason to be surprised at all. You were so consistent. I always knew that you were there for me. The only surprise you could have ever given me would be you not showing up, but you always showed up. You always came through for me.

You were never shy about giving me your effort and your time. You were never shy about giving me all of your attention. You always came through for me with the little things; the things that I never paid any second mind to. For instance, you always gave in to my choice of restaurant just because I was craving something. You always ran errands for me when I was feeling too lazy. You always took care of me when I was sick. You always make sure that I was fed whenever I was too stressed to eat on my own.

These were little things. Simple gestures. But I realize now just how valuable these things were in the grand scheme of things. You were always there to deliver CONSISTENTLY. You never went away. You never failed. You might not have been all about the grand gestures, but you were always about the little details. You always paid attention to the little things so that I would never have to worry about them.

You were never really keen on PDA. You weren’t really receptive of my advances whenever I tried to put on the moves with you. You didn’t really like hugging me or kissing me with other people around. However, you were always consistent when you held my hand whenever we were walking. You always hugged me goodbye whenever you left for work in the morning. You always kissed me goodnight before you fell asleep at night. You always made sure to devote a lot of time and attention to these simple things because you knew that it was these simple things that made up the relationship as a whole. And I understand that now.

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