The One For You 18 Signs You’ve Found Your Life Partner

Finding your soul mate is a dream that almost everyone chases at one point in life. To find a person who is your significant other in its true sense is a blessing. In our quest for a perfect life partner, we keep on evaluating every other person and observe who matches with our idol of a life partner.

Today, we will discuss the top 18 attributes of a perfect life partner. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has these qualities then they are perfect for you as a life partner. Don’t take a partner with these qualities for granted; once you observe these in your significant other, be assured that you have found your life partner.

1. Supports You

Your partner supports you no matter what. She/he is always there by your side; to encourage you, to support you, to cheer you up, to build your confidence and to make you believe in your own strength.

2. Listens To You

You significant other not just hears you, he or she truly listens to your each and every word. Your partner listens and also remembers whatever you say because he /she cares for you and values your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, opinions, talks etc.

3. Builds With You, Not For You

An ideal partner builds a future along with you as a partner of life. That partner will never build anything apart from you. For your partner, life and the future is all about you being a part of it.

4. Trusts You And Vice Versa

When you find a partner who believes in your trustworthiness and who has complete faith in you, then it is a clear sign that you have found your life partner. A partner who have complete faith in you and whom you can trust with all your heart; such is a partner is a blessing that you will cherish throughout your life.

5. Never Puts You Down

An ideal life partner will never put you down. Your partner will boost your confidence whenever you feel low, lift your spirit up and give you an encouraging push when you need it the most; such an encouraging and supporting partner is definitely your soul mate.

6. Knows How You Take Your Coffee

It’s not just your coffee, your tea or your favourite drink; your partner literally knows each and everything about you. He or she knows how to make you happy by making everything right, just the way you want.

7. No Matter How Long You Go Without Seeing Each Other, Things Never Change

Even the distance can’t part the two of you. Life becomes busy over time, you may have to go away for work, studies or some other responsibility; but no matter how far you stay away from your partner, you both are always connected through heart and your feelings for each other only grow stronger with every passing minute that you are apart.

8. You Miss Each Other Immensely When Away

A real partner won’t blame you or make you feel guilty of neglect if you are away and tied up with work. Instead, an ideal life partner will try to connect with you through any means if you are busy and caught up in work, because he/she just misses you so much when unable to see you or talk to you.

9. You Want To Share Every Little News With Him / Her

Whenever a bad news reaches you or you receive some really good news, you instantly want to share it with your partner. Deep inside your heart, you know that your partner has supported you in difficult times earlier as well, he/she has given you sincere suggestions and always helped you in making the most difficult decisions of life. You know that this person is your partner for a life time.

10. You Want To Experience Everything With Him / Her

Whenever you hear about a new movie, a new dine-out place or anything interesting, you want to enjoy it along with your partner. Your partner is the only one you want by your side to enjoy anything and everything.

11. Your Happiness Is His/Her Happiness

You both are happy in each other’s happiness; whatever one feels it affects the other automatically. If your partner goes out of the way to make you happy because this will give him/her real happiness, this partner is your real soul mate.

12. You Are Honest With Each Other

Honesty is the soul of a happy relationship. If you feel that both of you can honestly tell and discuss anything with each other without any fear, then you two have really found your real life partners.

13. Your Fights Never Last For More Than a Few Minutes

Both of you can’t just live without one another. You both value your relationship more than your egos and any problem. Whenever you have an argument or a fight, either one of you quickly reconciles because you can’t imagine your life without talking to each other even for few minutes.

14. Loves Your Family

Your partner actually takes out time to get along with your family. He / she puts in sincere efforts to get to know each member of your family; this shows the real commitment of that person. Your significant other really knows that being a life partner means being part of the family.

15. No Problem Is Too Big For You To Solve Together

You both are by each other’s side whenever a problem arises. You both focus your energies in solving the issue rather than blaming each other.

16. Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

There is nothing more ideal than a partner who is a lover, a soul mate and a friend. You both enjoy each other’s company as best friends.

17. All Of Your Most Cherished Memories Are With Your Significant Other

When you go down memory lane, you find that the most cherished memories of your life are with your significant other. When your best spent moments always have that one person by your side, then you must know you have found the partner of your soul and your life.

18. You Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Your Partner

Deep inside your heart, you know that you are a different person with your significant other; you can be totally yourself without the fear of rejection, you are more happy, you are more positive, you are just better when your significant other is around.

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