The One Trait You Need To Find In A Partner According To Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Aries (March 21 April 19

As an Aries, you are a confident creature. You know what you want to get done in life and you know the steps that you need to take to get where you want to be. You have great belief in yourself and in your capabilities. And the one trait you need to find in your partner is the same kind of confidence that you have. Self-assuredness is a big deal for you because you don’t want to leave any room for doubt in your life at all.

2. Taurus (April 20 May 21)

You are passionate. As a Taurus, you can be quite intense with your emotions. And that’s why you can’t really settle for being with someone who is emotionally withholding. You need someone who wouldn’t be afraid of being affectionate and sweet with you.

3. Gemini (May 22 June 21)

As a Gemini, you need someone who can keep things interested. It’s no secret that you get bored fairly easily. Whenever you settle into a stable and comfortable relationship, you then become bored and you end up seeking excitement elsewhere. So that’s why you need a partner who is smart and clever. You need someone who actually stimulates you on a mental level so that you won’t have to go elsewhere for some excitement.

4. Cancer (June 22 July 22)

You are an emotional rollercoaster as a Cancer. You are deeply sensitive and it doesn’t really take too much to push you off the ledge. That’s why you need to find someone who can actually provides some stability in your life. You need a partner who can make sure that your emotional instability doesn’t eventually get the best of you in the long run.

5. Leo (July 23 August 22)

You just need someone who is honest to you. As a Leo, you can’t deny that you tend to think a little highly of yourself. Sometimes, a little too much. It gets to the point where you think you can do things that you just can’t. And that’s why you need a partner to step in and call you out on your own flaws. This way, you still maintain a healthy sense of self-awareness.

6. Virgo (August 23 September 22)

You need an adventurous partner. You are just so content with living in your own little zone of comfort all of the time. You need to start living outside of the box and that’s why you need a partner to help bring you out of your Virgo comfort zone.

7. Libra (September 23 October 22)

You need to find a partner who is decisive. As a Libra, you are a peacekeeper. You like to make sure that your relationships are always built on harmony and balance. You don’t want to offend anyone and that’s why it takes you quite a while to come to a safe decision on anything. So you need a partner to make a decision on your behalf someone who isn’t afraid to take the lead.

8. Scorpio (October 23 November 22)

As a Scorpio, you have a passion and intensity about you that a few others have the capacity to match. You are always operating at high levels. And that’s why you don’t typically know how to play well with others who are just as intense as you are. You need to find a partner who is a little more relaxed and laid back. You need someone to keep you grounded and keep you from flying too close to the sun.

9. Sagittarius (November 23 December 21)

In your case, opposites don’t attract. You are a very positive and free-spirited human being and you need someone who is exactly the same as you. You just don’t tend to respond well to negativity much in life. You always like to surround yourself with people who are happy and optimistic. You need to find yourself a partner whose outlook on life is just as positive as your own.

10. Capricorn (December 22 January 20)

The truth is that you just want someone who is stable. You really don’t have the patience to deal with people who have no real plans or direction in life. As a Capricorn, you can only really ever be with people who have their life together.

11. Aquarius (January 21 February 18)

You are a social activist. You genuinely care about the state of the world and you are so passionate about uplifting the human condition. You are very smart and perceptive. You always make sure that you are a socially aware person who takes a deep interest in important issues. That’s why your partner must always be an idealist; someone who also believes in the same advocacies that envelope your own life.

12. Pisces (February 19 March 20)

You are a daydreamer and fantasy addict. You are someone who always likes to live in the fictional world. You are fond of hypotheticals and that’s fine for the most part. But you have a tendency to get blinded to reality often. That’s why you need a partner who keeps you grounded; someone who opens your eyes to reality so that you aren’t ignorant to the true state of things.

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