The Part of Your Body You Wash First In A Bath Shows A Lot About Your Personality

If you are a morally upright and decent human being, then you would consider hygiene to be a very important aspect of your daily routine. And that might mean you taking a bath every morning as you get ready to face the day that’s in front of you. You might even have a solid routine already locked down with regard to your bathing habits.

However, you have to know that the way in which you take a bath can say a lot about your personality. The way that one person might take a bath isn’t necessarily going to be the same as how other people do it.

You might not really have noticed, but typically, when you take a bath, you’re going to go straight to a specific body part. And on a subconscious level, the body part that you choose to wash first can say a lot about what kind of personality you have.

And if you’re curious as to what kind of implications your bathing habits can have on your personality, then just continue to read on until the end of this article. Check which personality traits and characteristics come with what body part you choose to wash first.

1. Face

If you are the type of person who proceeds to wash your face right away when you take a bath, then this is what that says about you. You are someone who likes to tend to your 5 basic senses – taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. It means that you care a lot about how other people see you and how you are perceived by those around you.

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That’s why you want to make sure that you are always taking care of your face. You know that this is the first thing people see when they look at you. You often find yourself feeling anxious about thinking of how other people perceive you.

2. Arms and Legs

When you go straight for the limbs when you take a bath, then it’s likely that you are a very humble, simple, and down-to-earth human being. Your limbs are symbols of your strength and resilience. But it also shows that you are very grounded and you don’t get lost in the flash of it all.

You are very vocal and you always like to express yourself freely – whether it be through physical gestures or verbal declarations. You are an animated soul and your energy is seemingly boundless.

3. Private Organs

It’s very interesting when you wash your private parts first because it’s not really what most people would think of when they picture you in the shower. You are someone who has a very shy and reserved personality. In fact, you might be so shy to the point that you might even have a few self-esteem issues.

You are someone who has a difficult time standing up for yourself. But you are also someone who is very capable of making the people around you feel comfortable with your company.

4. Chest

It’s all about confidence for you when you find yourself gravitating towards your chest immediately when you step into the shower. It’s likely that you are very much comfortable in your own skin whenever you start scrubbing your chest when you are taking a bath. You are someone who likes to be very straightforward about your thoughts and opinions. And you also have a very pragmatic personality.

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You are very independent and people are often inspired by your self-sufficient personality. You are a go-getter who always works hard for what you want.

5. Hair

If you are someone who immediately washes your hair the moment you step into the shower, then you are definitely someone who is obsessed with order, structure, and discipline. You take a top-to-bottom approach in bathing. And you carry that kind of structure with you into your daily life as well.

You are also very practical. You have a very strong opinion on things and you firmly believe that your mind is one of your greatest assets. You do a lot to take care of your brain. And you are never one who is shy about sharing an opinion to other people.

6. Shoulders and Neck

You are probably one of the most hardworking people you are ever going to know in your life. The reason you go to your neck and shoulders first is that these are often the most stressful parts of your body. You are stressed because you always find yourself hustling and working hard.

You are also incredibly competitive and you always like to be staying ahead of the pack. You always want to have a leg-up on the competition.

7. Back

You are someone who watches your back… literally. You find it very hard to be trusting of other people. You don’t typically like to let other people into your life so quickly or so easily. This is probably because of the traumatic experience of betrayal that you have had in the past.

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