6 Real Reason She Lost Interest In You (And It’s Not What You Think)

Here’s the real reason behind her losing interest in you (and it’s not what you think)

1. She had a difficult time figuring you out.

You can be such an enigma at times, and it can really frustrate the hell out of a person. One minute you were warm, and the next you were cold. One day you loved her with all your heart, and on the next day she just got on your nerves.

You have a very sporadic personality and it can be difficult for someone to find patterns in how you react to things. You are very timid and quiet. You don’t like expressing yourself too often and that makes you all the more difficult to figure out. No one ever knows what’s on your mind, and she never figured out how to make you a happier boyfriend. You always choose to retreat into your shell, and you find it incredibly difficult for yourself to let other people in all the way.

2. She knew that things were headed downhill.

She’s been around the block before. She’s had her fair share of troubled experiences with relationships and she saw the signs early on even though you were oblivious to them. She could see where you were headed and she wanted to cut her losses while she could. She knew that things were far from perfect when it came to your relationship, and that your union was probably beyond saving.

It’s not that she lost interest in you or that she stopped loving you; it’s just she knew that your relationship just wasn’t meant to be during that particular time. It may have even hurt her to leave you, but that’s the sad reality of relationships sometimes. It’s not always going to be perfect, and it maybe in the best interests of the people involved to just move on from bad relationships.

3. She realized that you’re not ready to move forward.

Perhaps the timing was just off. It’s not necessarily your own fault. She still loved you and she may still be very much in love with you today. It’s just that at that time, you weren’t ready for whatever relationship you had. She understood that you needed more time and opportunities to grow and develop on your own. You needed to acquire more depth and more substance in your life in order to keep up with the demands of the relationship that you were having.

You needed to have more substantial life experiences that allowed you to see the world through more mature lenses. You needed to grow up on your own and learn the necessary skills for sustaining a successful relationship. In time, you will be ready, but for the moment, you just need to be patient and start focusing on your own personal self.

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4. She sensed that you weren’t that interested.

It’s not that she was the one who started to dislike you, it was that she started to sense your growing distaste for her company. Maybe you started acting colder and more distant whenever you were together. Perhaps you weren’t being as affectionate and as intimate as you had been before. Maybe she could sense the differences in the nuances in your daily interactions.

The tone of your voice, the expression on your face, the gestures that you made, and the overall mood of the relationship all somehow felt very different. Whether or not you did start to feel something different towards her, what mattered in the end was how she felt about it. You may not necessarily have had a growing distaste for your relationship, but somehow, you actions and demeanor may have been saying otherwise.

5. She realized that you were eventually going to hurt her.

This relationship may have not necessarily been her first rodeo. She’s had experiences in the past with men who have hurt her. These are men who somehow managed to penetrate her guard, grab a hold of her heart, and leave it trampled in the ditch. She may have already known men who took advantage of her vulnerabilities and hurt her badly.

When a girl is hurt too many times over, she starts becoming more guarded and more hesitant when it comes to love. She doesn’t allow herself to be susceptible to such pain anymore, and so she may be the one who ends up hurting you first before you can get the opportunity to hurt her.

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6. She knew that you weren’t going to become the person that you needed to be.

Perhaps she felt like she was holding you back from reaching your full potential. Maybe she knew that if you kept going at the pace you were going, you were never going to become the man who you aspired to be. She knew that you wouldn’t be happy, and that you needed to be true to who you were really destined to become. She also knew that that meant she had to withdraw from your life and allow you the space to become the man who you really needed to become.

She realized her true worth.

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