The Reason You’re Still Single Based On The Month You Were Born

This explains why I’m single.


It’s just that you have a problem opening yourself up to people that is really keeping you from being in a stable and steady relationship. You actually have the kind of maturity and emotional intelligence that it takes to maintain a relationship. But it’s hard for you to initiate falling in love with someone because you are so closed off and you hesitate when you have to open yourself up.


Commit. That’s all you really need to do for love to walk into your life. The reason why you can never seem to find yourself in a stable relationship is because you keep excusing yourself out of the picture. You refuse to just allow yourself to commit to a single person, and as a result, no one ever wants to commit to you either.


You are a just a little too generous for your own good. You refuse to pursue the things that make you happy because you don’t want people to see you as someone who is selfish and conceited. But you have to know that you don’t need to constantly concern yourself with the problems of others. It’s okay for you to be selfish and find a love for your own.


You fall in love too easily to the point wherein people actually have a hard time believing that you’re in love. You have to understand that you can’t be overly aggressive when you fall for someone. You have to let things take their natural course and you can’t afford to rush the process. Love is something that comes when it’s meant to come. You can’t speed it up.


You are destined for success. You are intelligent, hardworking, motivated, and driven. However these are also the reasons why you can’t seem to find success in love. You are always focusing on your own personal goals and dreams, you end up sacrificing potential relationships as a result. You have to learn how to balance your relationships with your own personal dreams.


You really can’t expect to find success in your future relationships if you continue to allow the emotional baggage and weight of previous relationships to bog you down. Yes, you are a deeply emotional and sensitive human being, but you really have to learn to detach yourself from these unhealthy feelings. They are what are keeping you from finding the love that you so desperately need in your life. If you continue to let yourself be held back by your bad emotions about love, you are never going to find it.


You are just a little too passive in your pursuit of love. You tend to succumb to the thinking that love is eventually going to come knocking at your door. But it isn’t. You have to be able to really put yourself out there. You have to be an active participant in your search for love. If you continue to be passive, love will never find you.


You are just too controlling in your relationships and that can never be the case. In life, you like to take full control of the things that concern you, but it can’t be like that in your relationships. You will be interacting with people who are capable of thinking for themselves and you have to be able to respect their individuality and boundaries. They aren’t robots that you can control or program for your own pleasure.


Stop being overly critical and judgmental. You know that we are all human beings and we are all prone to mistakes. You can’t be discouraged just because a potential mate screws up every now and then. Once you develop your patience and understanding, then you will find yourself in a relationship.


You have a very peculiar approach to love and relationships. Typically speaking, you march to the beat of your own drum. You make decisions about your life based on what you want and how you think. You never let the opinions of others bring you down. But when it comes to choosing a mate, you care too much about how people are going to see your relationship from the outside.


You are a very energetic and witty person. It isn’t at all difficult for you to get people to like you. It’s just that when you feel that people are starting to get a little too attached to you, you get very intimidated. You then withdraw into your little cocoon and act very uncharacteristically so as to turn people off to the idea of getting closer to you.


Are you a robot? Because that’s what it feels like whenever you feel yourself approaching a loving relationship. Yes, you are a very smart and intellectual person. But sometimes, you have a tendency to overthink. Remember that a huge part of falling in love is just that falling. When you fall, you let go of all control and you just let your emotions lead the way.

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