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The Strong And Independent Girl Is The One Who Is Never Going To Stop Fighting For You

It’s always an interesting dynamic that takes place whenever a man falls in love with a strong and independent woman who is just so used to being alone all of the time. It’s going to be a love that will be like any other that you have experienced in your life. It’s not going to be easy. She isn’t going to make it so simple for you. In fact, she’s going to be quite a handful. But one thing is for sure: she’s definitely going to make it worth your while. She’s going to never take your love for granted because throughout her entire life because for the longest time, she has only had her own love to experience for herself.

But again, she isn’t going to make it so easy on you. She has built an emotional wall of defense around her that not many people are going to be able to go through. She did that to protect herself. She did that because that’s just how she’s wired to act as a human being. She is always looking out for her own best interests because she has never had someone else to do it for her. She has always lived a life that has been full of strength an independence. Whenever she wants something, she goes out and she gets it for herself.

Whenever she has to go through problems and worries in life, she has to deal with them on her own. And that’s a good thing for the most part. But sadly, she has never had the opportunity of experiencing what it’s like to have someone you can truly rely on for those things. It has always just been her – and now, you’re coming into the picture. And you’re shaking things up for the both of you. So you shouldn’t expect her to be receiving you with open arms because that’s just not part of her personality.

She is a strong and independent woman who has been on her own for the longest time. She is probably going to tell you that she doesn’t really need you – and this may hurt you. But you have to remember that she just might be scared to let you in. Maybe she’s anxious that your entry into her life is only going to complicate something that she has already locked down herself. She’s going to sound like a broken record with her insistence of her wanting to be alone; of her being okay with the fact that she only has herself to rely on.

And you can’t blame her for this. It’s her truth. She genuinely believes what she’s saying. She really does think that she can get through this life on her own. But you also have to remember that just because she knows she can make it through this life alone doesn’t mean that she wants to. We all want love. We all crave for it. But some of us are just too scared; some of us are just far too broken to go after it.

And this is where you have to convince her that you are worth taking a chance on. This is where you have to wear her down. This is the hard part. This is where you have to try your absolute hardest to make her change her lifelong policy of not letting anyone else in. You have to be able to earn her trust. You have to earn her respect. You have to earn her loyalty. And you can only do that by giving her these things in return. It’s true when she says that she’s in her comfort zone whenever she’s by herself.

It’s true that she finds peace in being alone. It’s true when she tells you that she would much rather just handle things on her own rather than have someone else step in just to mess everything up. She isn’t lying. But she’s only saying these things because it’s the only thing she knows at this point. You have to be able to open her eyes to a world that she has never experienced for herself before. You have to open her eyes to the wonders of love and the thrill of vulnerability.

You have to be able to prove to her that you’re the one guy who she can really depend on when the situation requires it. And once your successful, you can bet that she’s going to be making it worthwhile. You can bet that she’s going to be amazing. You can bet that she’s going to be the type of girl who is really worth all of that effort. She’s going to love you wholeheartedly because that’s the only way she is going to know how to. She is going to work like hell to fight for your love because she knows that you fought like hell to earn it in the first place.

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