The Strongest Girls Always Fall The Hardest

The reason she fell so hard for you is because her dreams got the best of her.

You don’t even have to have been in a real and legitimate relationship with her. You didn’t even have to utter those three magic words that everyone waits to hear in romance. You didn’t even have to put labels to what you had. You didn’t have to call her your girlfriend. All you needed to do was express the slightest interest in her and that was more than enough. You only needed to let her know that you actually had the potential to be something special. You only needed to give her the smallest glimpse of hope, and she took it without hesitation. A few deep gazes into her eyes, a subtle caress of her skin, and an innocent kiss on her cheek, and you had her hooked. It was a matter of reeling her in and keeping her with you for the rest of your life.

However, don’t think for one second that she’s weak because you found it a little too easy to actually keep her on a leash. She isn’t some weakling that you can expect to use and abuse at any moment’s notice. She’s not desperate for love and affection although that’s what you may be inclined to believe. In fact, she’s a very strong and independent woman who can stand her own ground and do perfectly fine without you. The reason why she bit into this relationship so hard is because she’s just a naturally passionate person. She knows that she’s opening herself up to getting hurt and betrayed. She knows that she’s prone to being disappointed a lot. But she doesn’t care. She knows that this is the only way that love should be done without holding back.

She doesn’t want to have any reservations. If she falls and gets hurt, then she’s okay because she knows she has the strength to pick herself back up again.  You are not allowed to think, not even for a second, that she fell for you because of your looks or your personality. She only fell for you because you actually somehow managed to make her see a side of herself that was worth valuing. You actually managed to make her feel like a person who is worth giving attention to. She isn’t used to being the focal point of someone else’s eyes and so you managed to arouse this new innocent, exhilarating, and unfamiliar kind of feeling within her that no one in her life has ever tapped into.

The reason she fell so hard for you is because her dreams got the best of her. She saw some potential there and she knew that she had what it takes to turn this potential into something better. She is always looking towards the future because that’s a natural facet of her personality; and somehow when she met you, she saw a future with you. Now just because she’s strong doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been knocked down in the past. In fact, the reason that she’s so strong now is because she has been hurt, scarred, betrayed, and disappointed so many times before. She is a very courageous woman who carries with her the kind of hopefulness and optimism that is rare to find in many people these days.

She still carries so much love in her heart even though she knows that so many people are capable of doing so many despicable and hateful things. She still believes in the power of love to bring blinding light into a dark and hopeless world. That’s why she always chooses to love wholeheartedly. She is the kind of person who loves without reservations because she knows the sheer power that real love can have on people. She is waiting to meet that one special person in her life who can give her the kind of love that she thinks she deserves. She is waiting in the wings for that one person to walk into her life and prove all of her philosophies and beliefs about the power of love right.

And she genuinely hopes that you are the person that she’s been waiting for. That’s why she has invested so much of herself in you. That is why she took the fall the way that she did. She dove right in with the hopes that you would be the one who would catch her from her own self-inflicted pain.

So if she comes on a little stronger than most women you know, then that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. You shouldn’t be intimidated by confidence. You shouldn’t shy away from a woman who wants to express her intimacy for you in various ways. You shouldn’t turn away the girl who has so much love in her heart. She is as strong as they come even though she falls so hard and so easily. Remember that only the strongest of men truly deserve her.

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