The Three Kinds of Relationships Every Person Goes Through To Find the Right One

Which one of these three phases are you currently in?

If we lived in an ideal world, we would all find our perfect partners in just one try to live happily after. But it is not a perfect world and a long period of struggle is followed by a fruitful ending in this world. A person will meet and be with many people before finding the right one. Different people will meet different partners but in every person’s life, there will be three specific kinds of relationships that will constitute his or her love life. If the person is lucky, they will find the right relation at once, but usually, the course goes like this:

  1. The Right Relationship At The Wrong Time:

This relationship is usually our first love; the boy/girl we think is perfect for us. It usually takes place in our teenage or sometime after that. When we are in this first relationship of our lives, we feel like it is the best thing that could happen to us and there can never be anyone in our lives except for our current partners. New love and infatuation make us think that we have conquered the world with our love and that we are inseparable. But unfortunately, for most of the people, first love is never the last.

This love is the right love at the wrong time. It takes place at a time in life when there is a lot to be discovered, when there is a lot of living to do by both the people involved. One or both of the partners realize that it will be a task to take it all the way into the future so, eventually, the relationship with the right person at the wrong time starts drifting apart. For some, it ends roughly and for people who are smarter, they make the decision for themselves mutually and stick to it.

The person may have been perfect to be with at that time but the time would not have been perfect to be with that person. To do the living that is left to do, people move forward, without realizing that they are about to enter the most difficult phase. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. The Wrong Relationship At The Right Time:

This relationship is everything, literally everything: a teacher, a beater, a heart-breaker, a roller coaster ride and what not. This is the phase where you live your life and learn all about it. You learn to be happy, sad, mad, angry, content and disappointed all in this relationship. It is full of ups and downs, fights and great sex and obsession and loss of interest. You think you are going to find your lifelong partner in this phase but you are proved wrong because it is complex here in this one. You will feel ready to commit and settle but will not be able to find the right person.

The timing is right but the partner is not. It will be a roller coaster ride that will turn your life and everything in it upside down and you will not enjoy it very much.

Whatever happens in this phase gets you ready for the next, better phase where things calm down and life comes on a track. As much as it is challenging, this phase, it is necessary to give you a closer look to life. All the things you need to know before finding the right person at the right time are learned here and here only. It will teach you how to be brave, compromising, happy and loving. It will teach you that only some people are worth being honest with and it will take you to that person climbing the pile of all the wrong people you have been with.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. The Right Relationship At The Right Time:

This final relationship will set everything straight; the relationship with yourself. This is the last step in the cycle and it ends on your relationship with yourself. After all that you go through in the first and second phases, you come to a point where the only person you love and love to be with is yourself. You start loving yourself and discovering yourself; things that you did not know about yourself come to your knowledge and you take a closer look at yourself. When you have known yourself, only then do you attract the right person to complement the kind of person you are.

If you are in phase two yet and feel like nothing is going right, be patient for there is time. The right time is yet to come and you will know when it does. You will feel happy with yourself when it does; your world will be a lot simpler and matters easier to solve. You will have grown patience for people who are temporary and your mind and heart will know when the right person comes across.

It is high time you stop chasing people and start running after yourself; it is the key to be with perfect person. The right relationship at the right time is one with yourself; it solves every mystery and gives you what the other two, initial and intermediate phases did not and could not have.

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