The Top 12 Secret Things All Men Love About Women

Men and women have been told for eons that they’re very, very different from one another. Social media is always telling men and women they’re different. Adults tell us the same thing all our lives. So it’s always been a case of us versus them, hasn’t it? But the truth is, we’re not all that different.  Men and women are the same more than we realize; people of both genders have the same stance on so many things that the list goes on and on. Literally! Let’s destroy gender stereotypes and talk about some things men love to do just as much as women.

1. Cooking:

While the food industry is dominated by male chefs, there’s a very popular opinion all around us that men can’t and do not cook in their day-to-day lives. Does that come as a surprise to you? well, you’re not the only one but actually, countless men really do cook and treat it is as a hobby and they’re very enthusiastic about cooking for themselves if ever they happen to be living on their own.

2. Cleaning:

Men LOVE to clean. It’s such a big myth that men don’t know how to clean the house but we’re going to bust that a myth right here, right now. A lot of men never compromise on keeping their house and their workplace clean and so they’re just as good as anyone at it.

3. Cuddling:

Men love to cuddle. Most women are generally under the impression that men are always on the lookout for jumping to third base. Sorry to pop your bubble, but men love to cuddle, snuggle up to their significant other, spend time hugging, kissing, holding hands, nibbling on her ear, spoon her and everything in between. It’s a beautiful feeling to cuddle up to your partner and women aren’t the only ones who enjoy it.

4. Candle-lit Dinners:

Good food, a gorgeous place and a romantic date under the glow of scented candles are something that men cherish and appreciate as much as women.

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