The top 15 Relationship Rules of 2017

The best of 2017.

2017 has been one heck of a year for both “Z” and myself. We saw ourselves grow with you guys, we shared wisdom as much as we could we learned a lot from you everyday in return. As I close this year’s chapter, I wanted to compile the top 15 Relationship Rules of 2017, based on the number of likes and shares and popularity. Also, I’m going to explain each rule in more detail. Let’s begin.

15. Stay

Love comes naturally, loves makes people want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, love makes people do the impossible just to make each other happy. This rule talks about importance. You, as an individual, are important, and your time and presence is important. But if the person you have feelings for doesn’t see it that way, you simply cannot force them to stay because it isn’t love if it’s one-sided.

14. More than words

Words have no meaning if they aren’t followed by actions. People make mistakes, the person who loves you very dearly will also hurt you because he or she is also only human, it’s natural. The important part is how they make up for it after the storm gets settled. Anyone with basic verbal skills can say “sorry” without even meaning it, but only someone who truly loves you knows how to make up for the mistakes that hurt you.

13. No matter what

“Through thick and thin” is how it goes when it comes to true love. True love is all about coming out of everything life throws at you, all of the ups and downs, all of the traumas and hardships, and still be able to say “I love you” to each other wholeheartedly and stay together.

12. Love was all I needed

This one goes out to the strong people out there, strong people who are able to put a smile on their faces for everyone to see when they’re actually dying and empty on the inside. All they need is love and support. I know, I was one of those people.

11. A true gentleman

I hate how they’ve completely messed up the word “sexy” in today’s world. I love her, and I hold her hand when we walk side by side, because I don’t care who’s watching. When we go out with a lot of friends, I don’t mind talking about her and all the great and amazing qualities she has, because she’s mine to love and appreciate, no shame in that.

10. In the darkest of days

Anyone can spend time with you when you’re happy but it takes true love and care to actually share grief and sorrow. That’s the beauty of love, when someone loves you truly, they will see your sorrows as their own, they will accept your on their own shoulders just to share the weight, because love isn’t just about the happy days, it’s more about how you deal with the sad ones.

9. Predators

This one goes out to the emotionless, the predators. Those who have no feelings for you and just want to be with you for one night, forgetting your name the next morning. This is for all the emotionless people who have never and will never experience true love because they’ve closed off their hearts for things as temporary as physical pleasures.

8. I’m proud

Love makes you proud, love fills your heart with things you never knew existed. Be with the one person who is truly proud of you and proud of having you in their lives. Don’t be with a person who keeps criticizing you or trying to change you because that’s not love, that’s dictatorship.

7. Time

Never be “busy” for the one you love, you’ll only be paving the road to your own loneliness and demise. Because we are never really busy, it’s all about priorities, and the one person we love should be our first priority. Respect each others’ time.

6. Cherish

This one appeared when people started saying that long distance relationships are the weakest, no they aren’t. All relationships are the same, insecurities lie in every relationship, cheating happens regardless of the distance, I’ve been cheated on with someone who went to college with me. Never judge love by the distance between two people.

5. The best “YOU”

Love is all about empowerment and enhancement, it’s not supposed to change you but enhance the “you” you are. It’s meant to strengthen your skills and make you achieve your goals with even more confidence and will power because you know you have someone who truly believes in you no matter what.

4. Choose

Love is all about loyalty and trust. If you can’t be transparent with someone, you should be single until you learn to be transparent. Don’t fall in love in order to fail, it’ll only cause pain.

3. Life has its own plans

I’m a God fearing man, I strongly believe in fate and I believe that whoever is destined to meet us and be with us will be with us, no matter what.

2. Second chances

Trust never comes back the same way after it’s broken the first time, but sometimes it can. Sometimes, when two people love each other and have the will power to try again, they do give it a second shot. This is for the people who get second chances, because second chances are rare, don’t waste your shot at happiness.

1. Want and keep

True love is all about keeping promises, not forgetting half of them after love is achieved. It’s not too hard to fall in love, but staying in love can be somewhat of a challenge as you slowly start to open up in front of each other, that’s where true love comes in and that’s where people need to stay their ground and keep the love.

The end. 2017.

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