The Top 6 Things That Doom Relationships

Avoid all six of these at all costs!

Relationships are tough. They’re not made of pure bliss, cotton candy, hot chocolate, and rainbows. Relationships are also made of mud, dirt, fire, and a whole lot of pain. The most seasoned veterans in love will know this. For the newbies, don’t expect going into love that everything will turn out fine. The mortality rate for relationships is high and you should ready yourself should you become a victim of a love story gone bad. There are many variables that go into whether a relationship is successful or not. It can be very difficult to predict whether a relationship is going to go all the way or will falter in the wind. There are signs and probabilities, but one can never be certain.

There is an infinite amount of love stories out there, each carrying with them unique qualities. There are also some trends that you could look out for in relationships that do manage to find success and those that don’t. This article aims to point out some trends in the relationships that aren’t so lucky. You see, while it is impossible to accurately predict break-ups, you can see the signs early on. They give you a good idea of what’s to come, and more often than not, the signs are right. When you start seeing these signs, then you can make the necessary adjustments to salvage your relationship.

If you find that you’re at the point beyond repair, then at least you can prepare for the inevitable. Break-ups can be emotionally draining and so at least you can brace yourself for the impact if you see them coming. Here are the top 6 things that doom relationships.

1. Relationships that stop communicating.

Communication should always be the bedrock for any strong relationship. A couple should always have open lines of communication. When people shut themselves off from each other, then that can spell doom for any relationship. Couples who shy away from deep and serious conversations are the ones that lie to themselves about the real state of affairs. Couples should always be receptive of communicating with each other, no matter how difficult the topic may be.

The strongest kinds of relationships have couples that are able to talk about absolutely anything under the sun. When you don’t open yourself up verbally anymore, then the end may be near.

2. Relationships that just naturally grow apart.

Relationships grow and they evolve because people grow and evolve. Relationships are only as strong as the individuals who make them up. If people start growing and evolving in ways where the relationship is unable to catch up, then that can spell doom for any relationship. It’s a natural part of life for us to grow and change, and our relationships have to be strong enough to adapt to those changes. If our partners or our relationships can’t accommodate our changes in life, then it’s likely that the relationship won’t be going all the way.

3. Relationships that set expectations too high.

Unreasonable expectations will only lead to disappointment, irritation, hate, and pointless blame. If people in relationships set unbelievably high expectations for each other at the start, then expect some broken hearts in the future. Couples should set reasonable expectations for each other at the offset. Setting the bar at a reasonable level leaves room for surprises and exceeded expectations. You only have yourself to blame if your partner fails to meet the bar that you’ve set so unreasonably high in the first place.

4. Relationships that leave no room for patience and understanding.

People in successful relationships understand that they always have to maintain a level of patience and understanding for each other. Relationships are made up by two different people who may have occasional conflicts and disagreements. If you are uncompromising and fail to establish empathy in a relationship, then you’re just practically sentencing yourself to a break up. If you want your relationship to flourish, then you’re going to have to be patient with your partner when they stumble; you’re going to have to be understanding when they refuse to bend to your will. They’re only human and so are you.

5. Relationships that are void of expressions of love, care, and intimacy.

Healthy relationships have couples who never shy away from opportunities to express their love and affection for one another. They always try to make an effort in planning romantic dates or engaging in romantic gestures. These expressions don’t always have to be so lavish and grand. Simple kisses on the forehead and hugs in bed are enough to let your significant other know that they are being loved. Relationships that are devoid of such expressions can hardly be referred to as relationships already.

6. Relationships that try too hard to be invulnerable.

People in relationships have to recognize their own imperfections. They shouldn’t be afraid to hide their flaws from their partner. When that happens, you’re essentially building your relationship on a lie; that you’re perfect and have no vulnerabilities. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and let your partner accept you for who you are. Grow in your imperfections together with understanding, compromise, and love.

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