The Top 7 Lines A Cheater Will Use To Justify Their Actions

A cheater will say just about anything to save themselves the guilt. How many of these lines have you heard?

To start this article, it should be important to note that cheating on a relationship is NEVER EVER acceptable. Infidelity is one of the gravest relationship sins, and if you happen to have been on the receiving end of this dishonesty, then you know the emotional weight of such an act. It’s never easy to know that you aren’t enough for your partner; that somehow it gets to the point where he needs to seek love and affection from another while knowing that you’re still together.

However you move on from an episode of cheating is entirely up to you. It wouldn’t be good to generalize and say that you should just end things in your relationship. There are too many factors to consider when making a decision like that. Only you can know for sure how you want to move on from such a traumatizing experience. The only thing that is certain is that moving on will not be easy. Forgiveness is hard and can only be afforded to people who are worthy of it. However you choose to move on from it, always try to think things through and maintain a level head despite the emotional turmoil of the situation.

So what leads men into infidelity? What drives them to cheat? Some say it’s just hardwired into a man’s DNA to be polygamous. Others say that maybe it’s the woman’s fault; that maybe she wasn’t doing enough for him. There are many perspectives to this issue, but there will be some common threads in this situation. A man will always find a way to weasel himself out of the situation by reasoning and justifying his actions. Here are the top 7 lines a cheater will use to justify his infidelity.

1. I’m unhappy with our relationship; I deserve to be happy.

While both these statements may be true, they just don’t justify cheating on any level or in any capacity. Yes, he may be unhappy with how your relationship is going and the direction that it’s taking. Yes, he deserves happiness; just like everyone else. However, that doesn’t mean cheating becomes okay. It only means that he was being selfish and was looking out for his own happiness without taking into consideration how it would make you feel.

2. I’m bored with our relationship because you’re boring.

Again, this may be true, but it’s not a proper justification. Your relationship is boring. So what? Lots of other relationships can go through ruts. Lots of other people will get bored with monotony, but that doesn’t give them a free pass to be unfaithful. You always have to maintain your fidelity in good times and in bad if you want a relationship to work. Boredom doesn’t mean you get to start getting with other women. It doesn’t work like that; never has and never will.В – Continue reading on the next page

3. We’re always fighting anyway.

So what? End your relationship then. If you’re unhappy with all the arguments and the fighting, then just break things off so you no longer have to deal with it. Once you break things off, then you’ll be free to get with other people. However, when you’re in a relationship with someone, you should have the courtesy to remain loyal until both of you are clear about calling it quits.

4. You’re not the person I fell in love with anymore.

This may be true, but it’s still invalid. True, you may have changed. You may no longer be that happy and vivacious woman that he fell in love with. Maybe your toxic relationship has driven you to be bitter and combative. Maybe you’ve made things incredibly difficult for him since you’ve gotten together. However, that doesn’t mean he gets to cheat on you.

5. I’m a man, I can’t just tie myself down to one person.

It takes two people to make relationships work. When one person refuses to play the game by the rules, then you really can’t expect the relationship to find success. Bad luck for you if your partner just refuses to stay loyal and commit to you. Even worse luck for you if you’re willing to put up with his infidelity in the hopes that he’ll eventually change.В – Continue reading on the next page

6. She always makes me feel comfortable when I’m uneasy.

Again, this just isn’t a valid excuse. It doesn’t matter how the 3rd party makes him feel. He’s committed himself to you and he knows it. It doesn’t matter how unhappy you make him. He should have just broken up with you if he were genuinely unhappy with the course of your relationship.

7. I don’t know why I did it.

Ah, yes. The most common excuse, I don’t know tries to cast the blame unto anything or anyone but himself. He tries to maintain his innocence by blaming feigning ignorance. He doesn’t want to take accountability for his infidelity and so he just brands himself as a stupid animal with no control over his own body.

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