The Traits of a Pure Narcissist: The Master Manipulators

Narcissists have a complete disregard for another person’s emotions. They don’t think twice before deprecating someone’s height or skin colour or their fragile insecurities. They think that if they show others that they’re not good enough, they will somehow elevate their status in this society. However, all this behaviour does is that they become alone and when you hurt people, it has chronic effects on your life.

A narcissist is well aware of that but when you do not try to detach from your selfish side, it becomes a part of you. A narcissist is always taught to spit on the world and that’s how he’s been raised. He doesn’t believe that there are people out there who have been inflicted with real unbearable pain because he has always had it easy.

I’m talking about pure narcissists here, not people who wear masquerades just to conceal the good in them because they don’t want people getting attached to them. They are a whole different lot.

Here are some signs of a pure Narcissist.

1. Masters of Manipulation

Narcissists are highly egotistical people. In relationships, if they ever have an argument, and even if you have blatant evidence against them, they’ll always have a way out. Words like ˜you’re judgmental’; You’re not perfect either will be used by them just to pour the blame on you. They lack acceptance.

Even if they stab you, they’ll say, You made me do this”. Like seriously? Okay, I made you do this, why don’t you take that dagger out and stab your thick hollow skull with it.

2. It’s always about them

Sometimes you just meet someone who wants to be constantly admired. He or she wants to be constantly reminded what kind of fairy princess she is and how the Taj Mahal is her personal belonging. Sure, you say some words in their high praise to make them feel better. It’s okay, no big deal.

Now even when you’ve reached the peak of Mount Everest and they’re just sitting in front of their TV eating leftover Cheetos like a sloth, they’ll still tell everyone back home that they have a great part in your success. They will use your achievements to elevate their social status.

3.  Jealousy runs through their veins

They can’t beat anyone better than them. They must be the most popular people in the world. It is highly essential for their ego or it will slowly put an end to their so-called spurious social life. They will plot to overthrow your existence.

4.  Taking advantage of others

Some people spend their whole lives being friends with narcissistic people because they’re just too nice. They surround themselves with toxic people because they believe that they’re trying to fix them and sometimes mainly because they get too attached to people and they can’t let go of them. This can bring a lot of negativity in their life because narcissistic people will always take advantage of people who are close to them because it’s easy for them to do so.

They have a free ticket to do whatever they want and they will not feel any sort of guilt in leaving you to wrought in your unrequited love. The world is their pedestal. It’s them for the taking and no one else matters. They are entitled to have whatever is in front of them even if they deserve it or not.

5. They fall short of their own expectations

It is their life ambition to be an epitome of perfection. They aspire to be gods and they have high expectations of people. No one is perfect, no one has found the elixir of youth and all of us have imperfections in us but narcissists do not understand that concept. That is why they are always disappointed in people and they can never maintain a long-term relationship with anyone. They are totally consumed in hell bound on attaining a high level of perfection. How can that ever work? It can never work.

6.  Their sense of humour is bleak

They don’t get most jokes. They are pessimistic and it’s really hard to cheer up a narcissist. He will always run to the negative side of things. Even if you make a joke, a narcissist just can’t accept that you have actually succeeded in making them happy because they think that is an achievement that makes you superior to them.

7. Physical appearance

Physical appearances are all that matter to them. They can’t see beyond someone’s thick coarse exterior. They have a very shallow personality. If you have goodness inside you and you are actually doing things to help out humanity, it won’t matter to them; they will find it insignificant and irrelevant.

However, if you look great, they will feel accomplished because then they can tell the whole world that they are with a fairy goddess. It’s never about you; it’s always about them so that they can tell their friends and the people they know that they own a very rare and expensive property.

Narcissists are pretty messed up in the head and you should try your best to stay away from them because they can make your life miserable.

Talk to me

Have you ever been in a relationship with a narcissist? Have you observed some of these traits in them? Please talk to me and let me know in the comments below!

  1. My mother was a narcissist and I still suffer the damage she caused today at age 57. I have health issues related to childhood trauma as well.
    Sometimes I need to talk to someone about my experiences but I have no one.

  2. I guess my long time partner is narcissist. It’s always about him. No place, time and even situation. I need to prioritize and understand him.

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