The Way You Hold Your Phone Actually Says A Lot About Your Personality

A lot of times, no matter how detail-oriented we might be as human beings, we tend to not take notice of our seemingly insignificant little habits. Our mind can only ever really pay attention to so many things that we do in this world. We only typically reserve our brainpower for the things we deem to be important.

As a result, we mindlessly do a lot of other things as if we were zombies. However, you might not realize that the way that you do a lot of these “insignificant” things can actually say a lot about your personality. And this article is going to focus on one seemingly insignificant activity in particular: the way that you hold your mobile phone.

Studies have shown that the way you hold your mobile phone can actually say a lot about how you think and go about life in general. Sure, it might seem like a very insignificant affair, but it might interest you to know the many implications involved here.

Using just one hand and thumb to scroll and type with the phone.

If you are the type of person who holds your phone with just one hand and thumb, then it’s very likely that you have an extremely carefree personality. You are someone who tends to always look on the bright sides of life. No matter how dire everything may seem, you always try to maintain an optimistic outlook on the world. You don’t really like to worry too much about the problems surrounding your life.

Whatever life throws your way, you always try to take it in stride. You always keep your chin up and your head held high. You are very confident in your abilities and you really know your worth. You really believe in yourself and your ambitions. You know that you are capable of making a mark in this world and you don’t really worry too much about failing.

However, you have issues in relationships. You aren’t so willing to take risks. You often like to play it safe in relationships because you are afraid of commitments. You tend to take A LOT of time before you make any major decisions surrounding romance and relationships.

Using both hands to secure the phone but still only using just one thumb to scroll and type.

If you are actually using both hands to support your phone while using just one thumb to maneuver around your screen, then you might be happy to know that you are a very wise and practical person. You are someone who likes to be cautious and methodical. You always want to make sure that you are doing the right things and partaking in the right processes. You don’t really like to take risks so much.

You are a very intuitive person by nature. You are really hard to deceive because you do your due diligence. You have great attention to detail. You are very sensitive and mindful of your own feelings and your surroundings. That’s why you are also typically a very good judge of character. You are also incredibly caring when it comes to the needs of other people.

In the realms of relationships, you tend to place a lot of emphasis on the first date or the initial meeting. It doesn’t really take you too long to realize whether you have some serious potential with a person or not.

Using both hands to hold the phone and using both thumbs to scroll and type as well.

If you are the type of person who uses both your hands to hold your phone and you use both your thumbs to maneuver around the screen, then you are a very swift and efficient person. You are a real problem solver. You really like to accomplish tasks. You are so good at thinking outside of the box to come up with a proper solution for a variety of problems.

You are also a very versatile person which means you are very good at adapting to different kinds of situations. You are very comfortable when you are placed in uncomfortable scenarios that are unfamiliar to you. You are always able to find a way to thrive in whatever environment you are in. You are great at parties because you are skilled at carrying intelligent conversations with just about anyone you meet.

When it comes to love, you find yourself stumped a lot. You are often rattled with the effervescent and unpredictable nature of love. You find that a lot of your problem-solving techniques that you use in the real world don’t apply to romance or relationships at all.

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