The Worst Qualities of each Zodiac sign

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This will be interesting.

Okay! So we have always heard good things about this Zodiac and great things about that. We hardly come across down right brutally honest analysis of our Zodiacs that gives us our flaws, something we can work on and achieve more out of our personalities and nature. Things that you are naturally good at will come to you sooner or later but things that you aren’t all that great at, they are the very things that often mess up your relationships and you can’t even figure out why. Till you discover the flaw in you or the flaw in your partner that is causing all that friction.

So if you really have the courage to listen to this honest analysis and are brave enough to accept and work at it, then go ahead read on! It might offend you, you can either leave it there or be a sport and laugh at it because we are all flawed, that’s what makes us human. Own your flaws and work on them, then wear them as medals 😉

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Again, do NOT read on if you’re easily offended.

1. ARIES: (March 21 April 19)

Can’t bloody follow! Think they are the damn boss! Have to have their say, their way! 

Aries are born leaders and it really bugs them if they aren’t praised or considered the best. They will fight head on if they don’t care about the person in front of them. Other times, they would sacrifice themselves if they have to for the people they care for and love.

Can’t help but to wish the best for themselves and find it hard to wish better for others.  

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2. Taurus: (April 20 May 20)

Will not compromise on RESPECT! Ego, size of a mammoth’s. 

Don’t mess with their self-respect, don’t try to belittle them. You will awaken the insensitive person within them. They don’t take anyone looking down upon them. Also, Taurus are great at teaching people lessons, more like revenge! Whether it is you trying to show them down or someone close to them, you will face a one of a kind bombardment. They will leave you speechless.

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They are extremely easy going otherwise.

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3. Gemini: (May 21 June 20)

Two-faced hypocrites! As much as they hate two faced people, they are themselves that! 

You will not be able to recognize them when they switch to their anger-mode from their ultra-sweet-mode. You need to be very alert and careful when you are with a Gemini. Gemini often face trust issues because their partner sees them change so quickly that they are always in doubt of their actions.

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4. Cancer: (June 20 June 22)

Their anger comes and goes like a PMSing-woman having hot flashes! 

You will see them laughing one second and screaming at the top of their lungs the other minute over something that might not even mean that much. Cancerians often let go of big problems but it is hard for them to let go of petty little issues. Like, ˜why do you leave the kettle on, always?’. Their anger is unpredictable and too aggressive. They kind of get of get on your nerves too. Probably the first one in the group to get kicked out of the group if they don’t start being nice.

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5. Leo: (July 23 August 22)

Again, anger that can destroy jungles within seconds but calms down quickly. 

Okay! So kind of like the king of the jungle, they act quickly, hard and swiftly. Their anger really makes them do regretful stuff, things they don’t mean. The stupid thing is that they won’t even admit it later that they didn’t mean it! Remember, the kind isn’t answerable to anyone even if he has made a complete fool out of himself.
Also, their most trusted friend is their own self!

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6. Virgo: (August 23 September 22)

Opinionated beyond compare!

Will stupidly deny all logic, if it doesn’t support theirs. They will fight to the grave to support their opinions and ideas, so much so that they will go on to be alone or to have a small group of friends who will support their ideas rather than having people who would oppose them constantly. This makes them determined, which often works in their favor.

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7. Libra: (September 23 October 22)

Think nobody knows what their minds are up to. 

Libras are often selfish and they feel it is their right to get what they want. They will be the nicest and sweetest people when they need the favor and will not go an extra mile for you IF you aren’t important to them. Otherwise, they carry their hearts on their sleeves for the people they love.

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8. Scorpio: (October 23 November 21)

Can’t keep their mouths shut. 

They, at times, end up being inappropriate. They will either not speak their minds, which will keep people guessing who they really are or they will show their true selves abruptly which will shock people not in a good way. They kind of lose balance and that is something that people might not like.

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9. Sagittarius: (November 22 December 21)

Recklessness that ends up being the dumbest thing for them.

For some people, recklessness works, for Sagittarius, it doesn’t and Sagittarius just don’t get that.
Shaving off their heads, a weird tattoo or a body piercing, you name it and Sagittarius will be up for it when they are in the mood for some recklessness. Sense often escapes them and they are the ones who make huge blunders every once in a while.

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10. Capricorn: (December 22 January 19)

Lack sass! Lack that oomph!

They are COMPLETELY satisfied with themselves and think they don’t need to up their game ever. They will not work to make themselves better and that’s why people around them often get irritated because even when told, they will not change. Simply because they are too content with who they are and how they are even if they agree that they need to change a few things, they still won’t because they do lack the determination to do so.

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11. Aquarius: (January 20 February 18)

Stubborn and proud of it!

Aquarius have a weird quality of being proud of even their worst qualities. It is one thing to own your past or the scars that simply life has given you but it is absolutely obnoxious if some idea of yours or an action affects the other person but you won’t change it, because you think you are right!

Though they are level headed mostly and don’t really become their stubborn and stuck up selves, but every once in a while, if you are unlucky enough, you will see a true Aquarius.

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12. PISCES: (February 19 March 20)

You remember that one friend who took every joke too personally, I bet they were Pisces.

Pisces are sensitive, a little too much. A little over the top. They will take a flying arrow to their hearts. Make a big deal out of every small thing that might not even be meant for them. They also act immaturely in many things and come out crying of a situation.

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