These 4 Bad Texting Habits Will Instantly Make Him Lose Interest

Have you been talking to your crush lately? Have the two of you become something more than friends? You’re probably texting him day and night, and it feels great not to mention reassuring. But have you been in a similar situation before only to have the guy ghost on you all of a sudden? You must not have seen it coming, but if it did, it happened for a reason. Someone chooses to disappear on you after spending a certain amount of time in your company, and the curiosity to know why they did that, why they couldn’t just say it straight to your face can really get to you. Sometimes, the answer lies right under your nose, but because it is entirely unrealized right now, you can’t really find your solution.

Think of it this way; maybe you did something that made his interest in you dwindle to the point where it just disappeared before it could grow into something more special, perhaps you made him feel like you weren’t exciting enough? Did you text him too many times before waiting for him to reply? Or were all the conversations you initiated coming to a dead end? Every person has been on the giving and receiving of this sort of situation where it just ends before it could even start. Its like not someone leaving without warning will always have something to do with you or always be your fault, but maybe sometimes you unintentionally do something to drive them away.

Sure, texting someone is the most convenient way of connecting, but messages don’t give us the leverage of really expressing ourselves as correctly as possible and if there’s any kind of misunderstanding, there’s not much room to provide explanations and set things straight. No matter how nice, kind and sweet someone may be, you always have to work towards making them want you and like you back. It gets especially sensitive when you’re only just trying to get to know the person because if the first impression goes awry, you can expect them to vanish into thin air. There are some things that when done on text messages, will cause anyone literally to be driven away and you need to recognize stuff to avoid giving someone a reason to leave instead of giving them a reason to stay and get to know you better. Below is a list of bad texting habit that may be pushing your crush or your potential boyfriend away:

1. You start boring conversations:

Do you always start a conversation in the same annoying way? Do you ask the same, predictable questions every single time? Are you making it visible that you don’t have anything interesting to say and you’re just trying to drag the conversation on? Well, you need to stop. Because it makes you look like you’re uninterested in the guy like you’re not making efforts to bring him closer and that you’re generally an uninteresting person. That is a bad texting habit, and it will make anyone want to leave because they will very quickly lose all their interest in you.

2. You reply leads to a dead end:

Not only are your replies boring, but they’re also the type that can bring any conversation, no matter how dynamic, to a dead end. If you know that you reply with nothing but an emoji, with an “oh,” “lol,” “lmao,” “yeah,” “I see,” “mhmm” way more than is needed than stop because you’re killing the conversation. You’re also making the person feel like they’re unwanted or like you’re utterly uninterested in the things they’re saying.

3. You’re texting him more than he does:

Wait for his replies. Wait for him to say something interested. Give him space and the chance to initiate a conversation. Don’t just bombard him text messages all at once. He will think you’re running after him whereas he should be made to feel that you want him, but you’re not crazily chasing him. Besides, he will probably lose track of everything you’re saying, and he’ll skip replying. Do yourself a favor, and next time you can’t wait for his reply, or you can’t fight the urge to text him, try and distract yourself with something else.

4. You know he’s busy, but you text him and expect immediate replies:

You know he’s occupied with work, family, friends, etc. etc. but you don’t take a break from texting him. You make it evident that you’re not giving him space and that can rub someone the wrong way. People are different, some may not mind staying in touch all day long, but other’s will want some time off from texting during the day. They like better to text when they’re less occupied. If he falls in the latter category, give him that time off and let him be him myself, he will text you when he finds a good time to do it. Not stepping back a little and just blindly texting away can result in him moving away from you.

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