These 7 Responses Will Tell You Exactly Where Things Stand In The Relationship

If you’re the type of person who is frustrated by all the vagueness, then this article is for you.

The nuances ofhuman interaction is growing more and more complex as we progress as a species.People are growing to become more and more complex individuals as they gothrough life, and as a result, relationships can get quite vexing as well. Haveyou ever been placed in a situation wherein you’re not quite sure of where youstand in a relationship with another person? You might consider yourselves tobe exclusively dating but you’re not entirely sure if your partner feels thesame way. Or perhaps you want to take a more casual approach to therelationship but your partner is thinking aggressively when it comes to movingon up in the relationship.

A lot of peopleare going to be vague when it comes to defining the terms of the relationshipand there’s a reason for that. They will resort to terms like dating orhanging out as a way to deflect from the difficulty of really defining whatthe relationship is. This is because people are mostly afraid of commitmentthese days. They are hesitant to commit themselves fully into a relationshipwhen they’re not sure of exactly what their commitment is going to bring about.They’re scared that their commitment will only bring them shame and pain and sothey will try to casually defining the relationship in vague terms.

So if you’re thetype of person who is frustrated by all this vagueness, then this article isfor you. Go ahead and confront your partner about where you stand and listenvery carefully to how they will respond to you. They won’t necessarily use veryclear language when they answer you and so you’re going to have to learn toread between the lines. Here are a few common responses to when people areasked about where they stand in relationships, and what they mean.

1. I don’t want to mess up what we have.

You havesomething alright. Even your partner managed to admit that much. But what yourpartner lacks is commitment. There’s something there between the both of youbut it’s very vague. Your partner isn’t really sure whether you’re in thelong-term kind of relationship and so he/she isn’t going to want to rock theboat. Your partner is having fun with you. That’s for sure. It’s just notenough to make him/her want to actually commit to you.

2. We’re buddies.

What an utterresponse of disrespect. Dump this chump. You don’t need nor deserve that kindof disrespect in your life. You know that there’s something there but you’vebeen given the we’re buddies title. It’s different from something like we’refriends because that would actually have something meaningful. Buddy is aterm a person would use to describe his/her relationship with a pet. You aren’tjust a pet, are you?

3. We’re just friends.

The solidresponse. There’s no beating around the bush with this one. Everything has beencleared up. And yet, why is it you think that there’s still something there?Even everyone else outside of your relationship can see that there’s somepotential for something special to brew between the two of you. It’s up to younow whether you want to risk your friendship for something more.

4. I’m not ready for anything solid as of yet.

At least yourpartner is being upfront about having commitment issues. This is the kind ofperson who wants to keep you on the leash because they’re afraid of losing youcompletely. However, they don’t want you to feel like whatever you have is setin stone. This person only wants you to be there whenever it’s convenient. Nowthe choice is yours whether this is the kind of role that you want to beplaying in your relationship.

5. I really care about you so much.

This might beone of the toughest responses you’re going to have to deal with. You and thisperson have probably been an item for the longest time. You have definitelydeveloped some very deep feelings for each other and you don’t want it to end.However, it’s just not enough. Both of you know that your relationship doesn’thave the kind of power that it takes to actually move on to something real. Andso all you have are half-baked feelings and the weight of lost opportunities.

6. Are you busy tonight?

You know whatthis response is all about and you know exactly what kind of relationship youare caught in. You’re both just practically in it for the sexual pleasures.Sure, there can be some semblance of feelings or emotions there but it’s mostlyjust about the sex. Don’t expect any hard-hitting commitments from this personanytime soon.

7. We’re having fun.

This is the kindof relationship dynamic that is somewhat more real than the booty call kind ofrelationship, but it’s still incredibly vague. You enjoy each other’s companybut neither of you are really ready for committing to one another. Just as longas you’re having fun, you’re forced to ponder whether anything else reallymatters.

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  1. Dating for six weeks It was great the first two weeks but I feel anxious lately. Maybe it’s just me. He’s good but he has MS and doesn’t feel well a lot. I’m so confused…

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