These 8 Men Reveal The Biggest Secrets That They Have Kept From Their Wives

We are always told that honesty is the best policy most especially in relationships. But we can’t help but keep a few secrets to ourselves, right? Being married is supposed to be the personification of two entities merging into one. It’s when two people fall so in love with one another that they decide to spend the rest of their waking days together in matrimony.

And when you’re in a marriage with someone, you are always expected to be completely open to your spouse about everything. There is just no denying the importance of honesty and openness in a relationship.

It’s absolutely essential that two people in a healthy and functioning relationship are able to come clean to one another with just about anything.

The reason why it’s always important for couples to stay honest in their relationships is that it helps keep them operating on the same page. When there is just too much lying and deceit in a relationship, it can greatly affect the dynamics of a relationship.

When one partner is being kept in the dark far too much, then the integrity of the entire relationship is compromised. Two people just can’t function well together when they don’t make an effort to be open to one another.

And yet, there are still so many people out there who choose to keep their partners in the dark about one or two things. That fact is going to be highlighted by many of the men who are going to be featured in this list.

Yes, you might be able to get away with a few lies here and there especially when you’re doing so for good reasons. But how far are you willing to take it? How much is too much? Well, read on and judge for yourself. Here are a few of the biggest secrets that real men have kept from their wives.

1. Jerry, 30

“I always like to be open to my wife about my finances and my spending. And we even have a shared bank account. We have shared savings. But what she doesn’t know is that I have my own little savings pot on the side. I’m trying to raise enough money to build my own gun and she doesn’t know it because I know she wouldn’t approve of it.”

2. Mark, 43

“This is a secret about my past that I have kept from my wife for the longest time now. It happened so long ago that I barely even think about it these days. And yet, it still really is a struggle for me to keep it inside. It’s a secret that I have to live with forever. Before my wife and I started dating, I had worked as a director for adult films. I never told her about it.”

3. Andrew, 39

“I am very secure in my manhood and I know that I am as straight as can be. I love my wife very much and she’s definitely the only girl for me. However, what she doesn’t know is that I went through a phase of experimentation in my younger years. I have slept with more men than women in my life, but my wife should never find out about it.”

4. Robert, 56

“This is something that I am ashamed of and it’s why I don’t want to tell my wife about it. But also, I know it would really hurt her to find out and I’d rather just spare her from the pain. But whenever she’s out of town for business, I usually like to engage in sensual relations with other men.”

5. Benny, 28

“My wife doesn’t know this but there is this girl from work who keeps sending me some rather inappropriate pictures of herself. I never respond or anything. We have never hooked up. I haven’t made a move on her at all and I probably never will. But I’ve never told her to stop sending me those pictures either.”

6. Ronald, 32

“We’ve been married for more than 5 years now but I still haven’t deleted my Tinder app. I still go on there every once in a while to swipe around and my wife doesn’t know about it at all.”

7. John, 47

“I’m 47 years old and I am so in love with my wife who happens to be the same age as me. However, what she doesn’t know about me is that I have a very particular fetish – the very young kind. I love her so much and we have a great sex life. But sometimes, when we’re having sex, I like to imagine that I’m doing it with a much younger lady.”

8. Jonathan, 33

“My wife is really fond of my best friend who also happens to be a woman. They get along really well. But she doesn’t know that I and my best friend also sneak around to have sex behind her back. I think that if she finds out, it would really mess things up for everyone.”

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