These Are The 5 Symptoms Of A Heart Attack That Only Happen To Women

It’s no secret that heart attacks are the cause of deaths for a huge bulk of people in the world. However, despite how rampant heart attacks might be, not a lot of us are going to be able to see it coming. None of us really know that it’s coming and that can be dangerous because we don’t do anything to prevent it. We never want to be blindsided by a heart attack. We always want to make sure that we are staying on top of the goings on in our bodies. You always want to stay vigilant. You can’t be complacent. You can’t be taking your body for granted. Your body is a temple that you have to take care of and cherish for all your life.

Even though a heart attack might seem like something that strikes without warning, there is so much more than meets the eye. For a substantial amount of time before the heart attack, your body is going to be exhibiting a few signals and red flags that might be subtle to the point that you don’t notice them. But it’s important for you to pay attention. You can’t just ignore them. You ALWAYS have to be doing what you can to protect your body from any harmful elements. That’s why you need to make yourself aware of the signs of an impending heart attack.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to go to medical school to learn more about these symptoms and signs. And as it turns out, studies have revealed that these symptoms can manifest themselves differently in both men and women. What this article is going to focus on are the symptoms that are imminent in women. If you are a woman and you notice that these 6 signs are present in your life, then you need to take corrective action to make sure that you don’t fall victim to a heart attack.

1. Neck, Jaw, Back, and Arm Pain

These particular signs might be very confusing to you. You would always associate a heart attack with pain in the chest because that’s where you know your heart is. However, you have to know that a heart attack can also manifest itself in the form of pain in the neck and jaw as well. When you have jarring pain in these areas, then it might be best to consult a doctor.

2. Stomach Pain and Sickness

There are a few times wherein you might confuse a heart attack with food poisoning, flu, or serious heartburn. Sometimes, women are going to experience severe pressures and sensations in their abdominal regions that could indicate a heart attack. These sensations would be akin to a heavy object resting on top of a woman’s torso.

3. Cold Sweat

Cold Sweat is another common symptom that is associated with heart attacks in women. Somehow, cold sweats are often caused by elevated levels of stress in the body. However, if you are having cold sweats way too much, then you should definitely see a doctor.

4. Dizziness and Short of Breath

Naturally, you’re going to have trouble breathing whenever you have heart problems. Your heart is what pumps oxygen to the rest of your body after all. And so if you feel like you are having difficulty breathing, then that may indicate that you have some serious problems in your heart. You might feel like you are performing difficult physical activities without even moving.

5. Increased Fatigue

You feel tired all of the time whenever you are about to have a heart attack. And this is mostly because of your compromised circulatory and respiratory system. Your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. And when your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, it’s not going to be able to function properly. You can feel like you’re just groggy and weary all of the time. You don’t really have much vitality anymore in this case.

Final Notes

Of course, you shouldn’t necessarily panic just because one or two of these signs happen to apply to you. These signs don’t always GUARANTEE that you’re going to have a heart attack. And so, there’s no need to worry until there’s something to worry about. However, if you do notice that these symptoms are happening so frequently, then it’s probably best for you to consult a licensed physician to handle your case. Knowledge can always save a life. And the more aware you are of these symptoms, then the likelier you will be able to save yourself from an impending heart attack. At the end of the day, prevention is always going to be better with the cure. And you can prevent this disease from striking you if you make yourself aware of the knowledge that you do need to protect yourself.


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