These Are The 8 Reasons That People Cheat In Relationships, According To Science

Relationships are never going to be easy. It takes an incredible amount of effort to really make a relationship work. But even the simplest mistake could already be enough to derail a relationship significantly. That’s why the odds always tend to be stacked against people who get into relationships

. All love affairs are really going to come with their fair share of challenges and speedbumps. And one of the most common (and most devastating) challenges that couples face is infidelity. It’s always very upsetting to know that your partner has been unfaithful to you. There is just a certain depth in a betrayal that tends to sting a little more.

When you have a partner cheat on you, it can really feel like your entire world has just turned itself upside down on you. You try so hard to try to make sense of everything that’s going on. You want to figure out why things just got to this point. Unfortunately, it’s not always going to be simple.

There are plenty of things that can lead to a person deciding to cheat. Sometimes, there might not even be a logical reason at all. But if you feel like you need to know why they cheat for you to find closure, you need to read until the end of this article. Actually, science has already gone into this topic in-depth.

And it turns out, biologically speaking, human beings are virtually wired to be unfaithful. If you’re hell-bent on understanding the psychology and philosophy behind committing adultery or unfaithfulness, then here they are:

1. There is emotional distance between you and your partner.

Emotional distance in a relationship is always tough because it can also manifest itself in the physical interaction between two individuals. When there is emotional distance between you and your partner, they might try to seek intimacy and closeness instead of compensating for it.

2. Your partner grew up in an environment where cheating is normalized.

A lot of the time, the way a person is brought up can significantly impact how they conduct themselves in the future. If your partner were exposed to a lot of infidelity and unfaithfulness as they were growing up, they would likely see it as normal or acceptable behavior.

3. Your partner got bored in the relationship.

Boredom. It’s actually a lot more destructive than you might initially think. They say that an idle mind is a devil’s playground. And there is actually a lot of truth behind this. When someone feels bored in a romantic relationship, they might actually add a little spice and drama to their situation by engaging in unfaithfulness and infidelity.

4. Your partner is going through a mid or quarter-life crisis.

It’s always normal for people to go through a mid or quarter-life crisis. However, not everyone will be able to cope with their particular crisis in a healthy manner. Sometimes, to preserve and hold on to their youth, people will resort to cheating on their partners to shake things up a little bit.

5. Your partner wants to sabotage the relationship.

1. There is emotional distance between you and your partner. You might have a partner who will sabotage the relationship just because they no longer want to be in it. But instead of just doing the brave thing and breaking up with you outright, they will engage in the form of self-sabotage. They will try to force you into breaking up with them by cheating on you.

6. Your partner isn’t sexually satisfied with you.

Sexual chemistry is always going to be important in an intimate relationship. And if your partner feels unsatisfied or unfulfilled in their sexual life, then they might resort to seeking that satisfaction elsewhere. They will try to go outside of their relationship to look for something they can’t seem to get from you.

7. Your partner lacks confidence and self-esteem.

A lot of the time, a partner is going to lack confidence and self-esteem in a relationship. It can happen to even the best of us. And when that is left unaddressed or unresolved, people might resort to actually cheating as a way of boosting their egos a little bit. It’s their way of feeling wanted and pursued.

8. Your partner is acting out of vengeance.

Sometimes, people in relationships are going to cheat out of vengeance. Perhaps you might have cheated on your partner in the past. And even though they might have told you that they’ve forgiven you for it, they might not have really let it go just yet. That’s why they resorted to cheating. They want you to feel the pain that they felt.

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