These Are What You Should Be Getting For Your New Boyfriend (And What Not To)

Congratulations! You happen to be in a romantic relationship with a guy you love and you won’t be alone for the holidays. And while that can be a blessing, it’s going to come with its fair share of responsibilities as well.

You thought that the hard part was getting your man to actually commit to you. You thought that the real challenge was in making sure that your relationship official. But nope.

That was only just the beginning. The real challenge is in making sure that your relationship lasts. And that means putting in the extra effort for your relationship during the holidays. That means you have to give your new partner a gift.

But what kind of gift is appropriate to give to a boyfriend of only a couple of months? You’ve only just become official and you don’t necessarily want to be going overboard with your gift. But you also don’t want to be holding back too much to the point that your man thinks you’re a cheapskate.

The ultimate goal is for you to give a gift that says that you’re serious about him but you’re both still trying to get to know one another and that’s cool.

If you’re too lazy to read the rest of this article, the short answer is for you to give him something small and simple – but it has to be elaborate, meaningful, and thoughtful.

That’s the ideal kind of gift that you should be giving someone you’ve only started seeing. You don’t have to be buying him a Rolex or anything like that. Think smaller. A lot smaller.

Good gift ideas for him:

1. Do get your boyfriend a subscription to some kind of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Maybe you could even get him a streaming device like a Google Chrome.

2. Don’t get your boyfriend a brand new smart TV that’s going to cost more than your entire living room.

3. Do treat your boyfriend out to a nice dinner at a meaningful restaurant for the two of you – or cook him dinner yourself so you actually put effort into the meal.

4. Don’t take him out to eat at some fancy Michelin-star restaurant that will only result in you having to sacrifice a month’s worth of income for.

5. Do get him a gift that he has randomly brought up to you in one of your previous conversations. Maybe he has casually mentioned to you in the past that he has been looking for a particular book.

Maybe you know that he has a busted desk lamp in his office that needs replacing. It can be simple things like those that showcase your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

6. Don’t get him something expensive just for the sake of its monetary value even though he’s never going to use it in his everyday life. For instance, you might think it would be a good idea to buy him an expensive suit but he typically wears a T-shirt and jeans to work.

7. Do get him a Spotify or Apple Music gift card so that he can listen to music whenever he wants.

8. Don’t buy him $400 headphones that he probably wouldn’t even be able to fully appreciate.

9. Do plan an activity that the two of you can partake in together and something that you know he can really enjoy. Maybe you can take him to a concert, an NBA game, a play, or a trip to the museum.

10. Don’t surprise him with roundtrip tickets to a faraway place even when you might not necessarily be ready to travel together just yet. You might end up regretting it.

At the end of the day, it’s much better that you just give him something from the heart. You want o give him something that you’ve given substantial thought to; something that best represents the love that you have for him.

Know that your relationship isn’t really dependent on how much you should be shelling out for a gift. It’s really about the effort that you put into your relationship on a daily basis that counts more than anything else.

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