These Old And Gay Ladies Gain Instagram Fame With Videos Of Them Having Marijuana

These two ladies describe themselves as being old fat lesbians, as highlighted by their Instagram handle. They both like to upload videos of themselves talking about interesting things in front of the camera. Usually, they have marijuana while they’re recording themselves.

And so it shouldn’t really come to anyone’s surprise that these two have managed to rack up thousands of Instagram followers in a matter of just a couple of weeks.

Lee and Sue, a couple of elderly ladies who reside in Maine, really do have a lot going on for themselves. A lot of what makes them who they are is actually the center of a lot of stigma in contemporary society. They are lesbians. They are old. They are fat. And they take marijuana. They don’t necessarily represent the majority of contemporary America.

The couple has been together for more than 12 years now but they decided to get married back in 2015. And in doing so, they decided that they really wanted to do away with all of the misconceptions, prejudices, and negative attitudes that continually surround them. That is precisely why they decided to launch their own joint Instagram account.

The duo goes by the Instagram handle, “@420oldfatlesbians” and the title is definitely enough to grab the attention of any casual social media user. They also decided to keep the tagline, “The Likes of Dykes.” Very witty but also a very apt description of their content. Since launching their account on March 3 of this year, they have reached more than 30,000 followers already.

There is a lot of comedic content in their videos and it’s primarily what most people really like about their content.

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Who Is St Patrick?

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Morning Glory

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There is just no denying that these two ladies have a really great sense of humor that appeals to a broad audience. And their chemistry is incredibly infectious as well.

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Toss the Brownie

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The quality of their content is the reason that they have amassed more than 30,000 followers in a little over two weeks.

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Vibration Station

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They even get really creative with the way that they have their sessions. The couple first posted their initial video on March 3.

Their Instagram feed is filled with all sorts of wacky content. They even have videos of them smoking out of other homemade contraptions while sporting some very questionable costume choices. They make the use of plenty of hashtags such as #smokeweedeveryday, #girlswhosmoke, and weirdly enough, #oprahsbookclub.

‘We are tired of the stigmas on weed, on lesbians, fat people, old people,’ Sue said in an interview with NBC News. ‘People need to just be who they are and not worry about what others think.’

Both these ladies actually own licenses for the use of medical marijuana which is legal to have in the state of Maine. Recreational marijuana has already been approved in 2016 through a voter referendum. But it hasn’t necessarily been implemented yet.


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