6 Things To Do Before You Get Into Another Relationship

Getting out of a relationship often leaves us bruised, emotionally.В Doesn’t matter if it was a mutual or one-sided decision, it is hard and leaves back a thousand memories.В The biggest mistake people getting out of a relationship make, is jumping in another relation. This ends up making a huge mess of your past, present and future.В Don’t let your past interfere with your present, this is how you do it


It is extremely important that you have a final answer to the question ‘can we still make it work?’.В This should be black or white, leave no grey areas. Grey areas mean doubts, false hope for getting back together and a load of guilt for being unfair to the person you are committed to, now.В Don’t break up over a text or a message on some social networking site, it is an immature act.В Be sure and be clear about the fact that it’s done and nothing will make you two come together, again.В If you will not have proper closure before you get in another relationship, you will always subconsciously hope for them to be back or it will come to your mind every now and then.


Jumping into another relationship right after you have broken up just says that you don’t want to be lonely, which is completely normal!В No one wants to be alone and miserable but it’s better that you act bravely and spend some time on your own.
It is like an injury, you need to heal yourself properly to be able to a find love again. Also, many a times, I have seen rebound cases going wrong. Why put yourself through another misery?
Save yourselves the guilt, be your own partner for some time.


Come on, we all have done this at some point. Every break up is followed by regular visits to their Whatsapp Display pictures and their Facebook, Twitter accounts.В Mainly, to see if they miss us? IfВ they have moved on? If they are seeing someone?В Well, here is the answer to that question, THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO ALL OF THAT and SO ARE YOU!
Of course they miss you but there is a reason why you two are not together. I don’t mean that things can’t work out between two people after they have broken up, they surely can. But here, I mean the couple that is toxic for each other and they know they can’t be together.
If it is that clear, then you need to flush this constant want of knowing what’s going on in your ex’s life.В Also, wanting that and then at the same time looking to find someone great is just not right.В Make space in your mind and heart so that someone new can come in to your life.


It is always the hardest thing to make yourself face the truth. No one can show you the mirror better than your own self. So get ready to give ˜the talk’ to yourself.В You think you are over someone and you are ready to go out there again and meet someone new?В Then it’s about time that you remind yourself of the mistakes you made in your past relationship. Tell yourself that you’ve learned from them, don’t make them again.
Ask yourself if you have let go of the good and the bad memories of your Ex.В Are you at that point where you just don’t care if he/she is with someone or not? If the answer is yes, then you are good to go.В Don’t let your past creep into your mind again.


A true partner is understanding and trusts you completely, but don’t test it too much.В Discussing your exes too much is never going to do you any good. Even if you aren’t really praising them for anything, discussing them just means that you haven’t let go of their memories completely.В Which, obviously, is never completely possible but you can at least keep things to yourself in this case.В If you discuss your Ex too much, soon your partner will start mentioning them in fights and things will just start to get ugly once the comparisons start.В So draw the line – no one mentions exes, that’s it!


Things that had built up your relationship, they need to go. No matter how precious they are, they just need to go.В Their existence in your life are like those time capsules that you hide away and forget about. Sooner or later, you will open them and they will remind you of the good and the bad, both of which are not good for your current relationship.В So burn, giveaway, throwaway, return or even donate! DoВ what you got to do to get rid of them.В Remember, your exes are in the past because that’s where they belong, don’t drag them in the future.

Do you have proper closure? Talk to me.

It’s the hardest to find actual closure with your ex, but it’s very vital for you both, for a happier life ahead. Have you had proper closure? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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  1. How can you get closure when your ex won’t tell you exactly why he broke up with you? I’m working on myself so I can move on eventually but it still gets in my head that I don’t know what went wrong.

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