Things I Learned After I Stopped Chasing Him

Ever been in a situation where the pursuit of someone took a toll on your happiness? Discovering that happiness isn’t a race and no one deserves all your time can be eye-opening. Feeling unwanted may not be about your worth, and understanding the difference between love and games becomes crucial.

It’s about realizing your value and waiting for someone who genuinely wants a meaningful connection.

1. No man is worthy of that much of your time

Spending every waking moment thinking about him? Guilty as charged. But here’s the reality check – no man is worth sacrificing your precious time and self-worth. I learned that my time is like a limited edition vinyl, and I can’t keep playing the same track hoping for a different melody. Time is too valuable to waste on someone who doesn’t see your worth.

2. I felt unwanted because of him

It’s crazy how one person’s actions can make you doubt your own value. I felt like a lone tree in a vast forest, unnoticed and unappreciated. But you know what? I learned that feeling unwanted isn’t a reflection of my worth but a signal that I deserve someone who sees me, appreciates me, and chooses me every single day.

3. Boys play games, unlike men

Life’s not a game of hide and seek. Boys might think it’s cool to play hard to get, but men know the value of honesty and commitment. After I stopped chasing him, I found someone who wasn’t afraid to be upfront about his feelings. Lesson learned: skip the games and wait for a man who’s as serious about love as you are.

4. I wanted true love and he wanted something on the side

Ever played a game thinking it’s chess when the other person is playing checkers? That’s what it felt like. I craved genuine connection and true love, while he was busy playing the field. I realized that settling for less than what I wanted only led to heartache. Now, I’m holding out for someone who wants the whole book, not just a chapter.

5. Actions speak louder than sweet nothings

Sweet words are nice, but actions are the real deal. I discovered that a guy who talks a big game but doesn’t follow through is like a dessert without any sweetness. It’s the consistent, genuine actions that show someone’s true intentions. So, I stopped falling for poetic lines and started looking for deeds that matched the words.

6. Self-love is not selfish

It took me a while to grasp this one. Putting myself first wasn’t selfish; it was survival. When I stopped chasing him, I started chasing my dreams, my happiness, and my well-being. It turns out, embracing self-love is like watering your own garden – it blossoms, and others might want to wander in.

7. You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change

It’s like trying to teach a cat to swim – pointless and exhausting. I learned the hard way that people change when they’re ready, not when you want them to. So, instead of playing the role of a fixer, I focused on finding someone who didn’t need fixing.

8. Closure comes from within

Waiting for closure from him was like waiting for rain in a drought. I realized that true closure comes from accepting the situation and moving on. It’s an inside job. I didn’t need his explanation to validate my feelings; I needed my own understanding to set myself free.

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